5 Geforce GTX760 cards you should be looking out for

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In this article we take a look at five variants of the GTX760 that you should be looking out for. This card is Nvidia’s latest and last addition to the Geforce 700 family and it’s a scary little thing. Not only is it the replacement for the GTX660 Ti, it’s also as fast as a stock AMD Radeon HD7950 and is also the market replacement for the GTX670, even though that is a faster card.

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The GTX760 is based on the GK104 Kepler architecture, which is what we find also powering the GTX680, GTX670, GTX660 Ti and GTX660. Nvidia has now re-used the GK104 design for two new cards – the GTX770 and the GTX760, our focus for today. Despite it having less resources than the GTX660 Ti and the GTX670, it’s a much more capable card than the former, and once overclocked, embarrasses the latter card.

The GTX760 is cool, quiet and is almost half the price of the GTX670 on launch (at least overseas. Locally, not so much). So with that in mind, if you were looking for a new graphics card and are now eye-balling this one, here are five versions you need to look at.

MSI Geforce GTX760 TwinFrozr Gaming

MSI GTX760 TwinFrozr Gaming

MSI GTX760 TwinFrozr Gaming

Boasting a redesigned TwinFrozr cooler and a sick red-on-black colour scheme, the GTX760 Gaming is one good-looking card. MSI overclocks it from the factory and boosts up the core clock to 1085MHz and the boost speed to 1150MHz and sticks to 6.0GHz memory clocks.

MSI also has a Power Edition variant in the works with a blue and black colour scheme and the option to dabble in some over-volting. When it comes to graphics cards, MSI has a solid reputation for creating some of the best and fastest cards out there.

ASUS Geforce GTX760 Direct CU II

ASUS Geforce GTX760 Direct CU II

ASUS Geforce GTX760 Direct CU II

The Direct CU family has been around for a while now and has established a loyal fan base among overclockers and tweakers. Not only are these coolers ridiculously effective, ASUS was also the first manufacturer to allow for voltage tweaks on a fine level with the Direct CU family, so there’s some history here.

The Direct CU coolers also receive a redesign for this generation, featuring new fan designs with improved impellers, chromed copper heatpipes that look like they belong in a muscle car, and some nice red detailing. Core clocks are 1,006MHz boosting up to 1,072MHz with 6.0GHz for the memory.

Gigabyte Geforce GTX760 Windforce 3x Overclocked Edition

Gigabyte Geforce GTX760 Windforce 3x OC

Gigabyte Geforce GTX760 Windforce 3x OC

If the previous card’s cooler design wasn’t legendary enough for you, Gigabyte has the Windforce cooler. This one in particular is on the GTX760 OC, which pushes the stock and boost clocks up to 1085MHz and 1150MHz respectively. While Gigabyte uses a very similar Windforce cooler design on their vanilla GTX760 (no stock heatsinks here), the OC version has a black PCB and better fans.

Gigabyte has also used the extra PCB space to improve some of the power circuitry and has altered the VRM phase layout slightly to allow for higher overclocks. Black and chrome always works a treat and this card is no different.

ASUS Geforce GTX760 Direct CU Mini

ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU Mini

ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU Mini

I knew it would be coming, I just didn’t expect it this quickly. The GTX670 Mini usesĀ  the shorter reference PCB design and fits on it a brand new heatsink and fan design that ASUS worked on with the (oh-so-slightly) older GTX670 Mini. This card is purpose-built for ITX systems and pushes through a lot more air than regular fan impeller designs.

The GTX760 Mini uses a single 8-pin PEG power connector and has a core clock of 1,006MHz, a boost clock of 1,072MHz and 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at 6.0GHz. Its probably the fastest card ever designed in a form factor like this and is sure to be a hit with ITX owners looking for an upgrade.

EVGA Geforce GTX760 with ACX cooling

EVGA Geforce GTX760 AXC OC

EVGA Geforce GTX760 AXC OC

As one of the biggest hardware partners to Nvidia, EVGA beefed up their PCB design with an 8-pin and 6-pin PEG power connector and their new ACX cooler, complete with two 92mm PWM-controlled fans with double ball bearings. EVGA reckons their ACX cooler is quieter and cools better than even the reference cooler on the GTX770 and GTX780.

EVGA also altered some of the power circuitry and extended the heatsink to cover the memory as well. Core clocks are 1,072MHz boosting to 1,137MHz and EVGA says the fans also have an estimated 12-year life span. The company is making a FTW version of this same card, just with an extra 2GB of memory tacked on.

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  • Cyb0rt3x

    Hardware prices are starting to get obscene, but I must say some of these cards look sweet. It’s a pity AMD isn’t putting up much of a fight anymore.

    I miss the days when we had a number of manufacturers competing with each other and trying to win over consumers.

  • Vorastra

    Sorry but at how much these cards are and at how close they are to the GTX770. Why would anyone buy them. For example the Gigabyte 770 is only R600 more than the 760 version :/

    The only contender that I would buy are the 760’s from KFA since they are currently selling for R3700-R4300 and that’s still pushing it a bit.

5 Geforce GTX760 cards you should be looking out for

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