Intel Ivy-Bridge E: better overclock for your bucks


According to recent leaks and Intel’s own roadmap, the enthusiast CPU Ivy Bridge-E will be launching in September 2013 and may be cheaper than the Sandy Bridge-E processors they replace.

Ivy Bridge-E brings the same improvements to the high-end that desktop users saw on the LGA1155 socket, with a process shrink to 22nm along with substantially lowered power consumption.

VR-Zone sources have now said that Intel is also taking a slightly different course than it has in the past. Ivy Bridge-E will not simply be a Xeon core with several components disabled – it’ll be on its own die. Whereas Sandy Bridge-E processors shared the same silicon and assembly lines as their Xeon counterparts, Ivy Bridge-E will be using its own designs and dies, allowing Intel to drop prices lower because they’re not taking any losses on each chip sold.

This will also mean that the extra disabled hardware on the chip won’t take up extra space that could be used to better transfer heat onto the integrated heat spreader, lowering the need for extreme cooling when overclocking.

Intel has also had a lot of experience with the 22nm process and Ivy Bridge-E processors could be fantastic overclockers right out of the gate.

Minor performance boost, better price

i7-3970X i7-4960X i7-3960X i7-4930K i7-3930K i7-4820K i7-3820
Clock speed 3.7GHz 3.6GHz 3.5GHz 3.4GHz 3.2GHz 3.7GHz 3.6GHz
Turbo speed 4.0GHz 3.7GHz 3.9GHz 3.6GHz 3.8GHz 3.9GHz 3.8GHz
Core count 6 6 6 6 6 4 4
Thread count 12 12 12 12 12 8 8
L3 cache 15MB 15MB 15MB 12MB 12MB 10MB 10MB
TDP 150W 130W 130W 130W 130W 130W 130W
RRP (USD) $1059 990 1059 555 594 310 305

Ivy Bridge-E will replace Sandy Bridge-E at the same or slightly lower price points and will work on current LGA2011 motherboards with a BIOS update.

The lineup will debut with a low-end K-series processor. The Core i7-4820K will replace the Core i7-3820 and will offer multiplier-based overclocking as well as the full range of voltage adjustments.

Moving up the line, Ivy Bridge-E should be significantly cheaper than its predecessor, dropping as much as $69 off the final retail price.

 Source: VR-Zone

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Intel Ivy-Bridge E: better overclock for your bucks

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