CM Elite 130, Elite 110 ITX chassis: SA price and availability

Cooler Master Elite 130 header hardware

Cooler Master’s Elite 120 chassis has found favour with ITX builders and enthusiasts all around the world and the chassis houses an astonishing amount of hardware. At under R600, not only is it the only affordable and flexible ITX chassis available, its also the only one with at least one USB 3.0 port.

Cooler Master has now revealed the Elite 120’s successor, the Elite 130. Cooler Master says that the Elite 130 will be available from local retailers in mid September 2013 at a recommended price of R600.

Cooler Master Elite 130 (2)

Cooler Master Elite 130

The Elite 130 changes up the design quite a bit inside and out. The front panel switches from brushed aluminium to full mesh, with the aluminium now on the sides of the chassis. There are two USB 3.0 ports, one 3.5mm audio and 3.5mm microphone port, one USB 2.0 port and a protruding power button.

The chassis is shorter in both length and height, but still manages to fit in a full-sized ATX power supply, a ITX motherboard and a dual-slot graphics card as long as a AMD Radeon HD7990.

Additionally there’s space for a DVD drive and three 3.5-inch hard drives or five 2.5-inch drives. The drive cages are removable, including the 5.25-inch DVD bay.

Cooling-wise, a 120mm front fan can be substituted with a 120mm all-in-one water-cooling radiator in both single-fan and push-pull configurations. Another 80mm intake fan draws air in over the motherboard and the power supply can either draw air out of the chassis, or use the vent at the top to draw in cool air from outside the chassis.

The Elite 130 is also accompanied by an even smaller sibling, the Elite 110. This variation omits the DVD bay and squeezes things in even tighter. It retains ITX and mini-DTX compatibility (the latter of which is very rare), fits in most ATX power supplies and a 120mm all-in-one water cooler.

Drive expansion is limited to three 3.5-inch drives or three 2.5-inch drives, although enterprising modders may find extra spots to cram in one more. The chassis has only been announced for European and Asian markets at the moment, but Cooler Master may decide to bring it to South Africa as well.

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  • codeleather

    Looks awesome :D, might just get one at that price.

  • St John Grimbly

    Nice for HTPC or Ultimate travel build 🙂

  • Devourer of Small Bunnies

    Im not so sure. Seems the only viable cooling will be watercooling. Im not really certain thats a decent route to go if you ideally building an HTPC. Tiny gaming rig? ya maybe, but there are much better cases to get that kind of small footprint computing done. I never thought I’d say this (Im a very big fan of CM, specially the 690II) but this is a very very silly idea.

    Also, what the deal with half the psu sticking out the back, why not just extend the entire case? Meh.

  • Ernesto Ramos

    I like the elite 110 case but wish they could make a adapter for small form factor power supply!!!…I already order one from the coolermaster store!!!!

CM Elite 130, Elite 110 ITX chassis: SA price and availability

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