HDD technology going strong in SA

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According to an August 2013 report from IDC, the global personal and entry-level storage (PELS) market grew by 11.7% year-on-year in Q2 2013. Personal storage refers to individual hard disk drives, while entry-level storage refers to multi-drive solutions, such as network attached storage (NAS) enclosures.

This HDD market growth is despite a general decline in the desktop PC market, which has shrunk 2.5% year-on-year in Q2 2013.

According to IDC, the 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch HDD form factors each saw units shipped increase 2.7% and 13.4% year over year, respectively. However, 3.5-inch continues to give way to the more portable 2.5-inch form factor, with 3.5-inch losing 1.8% share year over year.

Speaking to MyGaming, Western Digital (WD) South Africa components sales manager, Kalvin Subbadu said that their components division has shown growth exceeding 12% over the past six months despite the decrease in PC Sales in SA.

“Around 85% of the total drives sold in SA are 3.5-inch versions,” said Subbadu. “At the moment the most popular capacity in SA is the 500GB 3.5-inch drive, but we foresee the trend moving towards the 1TB capacity.”

According to IDC, users continue to migrate to higher capacity drives to meet storage needs. In the 3.5-inch personal storage market, 2 terabyte (TB) devices represented 51.9% of unit shipments in the quarter. For the 2.5-inch personal storage market, 1TB devices captured 51.7% market share.

For the entry-level market, capacity ranges are more varied due to multiple bays and vendors’ ability to partially populate devices. However 4TB devices hold the most market share with 28.6% of units shipped, said IDC.

“The need for more capacity is also apparent in the SA market and with the uptake of small to medium NAS devices, augmenting our WD Red hard drive range with a 4TB makes sense,” said Subbadu. “As consumers download more and more digital content and small to medium businesses struggle with the exponential increase of data, the 4TB WD Red drive [can be used in a] in a 5-bay NAS solution [for a] total of 20TB of data.”

“Furthermore, with NAS vendors now manufacturing smaller form factor NAS enclosures, this highlighted the demand for a 2.5-inch WD Red hard drive. The market is poised for significant growth in this sector and according to IDC, the [2.5-inch] form factor NAS opportunity is expected to grow by 147% from 2013 to 2014. WD is ideally positioned for this growth with the introduction of its WD Red 2.5-inch format,” said Subbadu.

According to IDC, USB continues to be the interface of choice for the PELS market, growing units shipped 11.5% year over year. Ethernet also saw strong shipment growth, posting a 10.2% year over year growth rate and being the interface of choice for the entry-level market. Thunderbolt continues to ramp up, posting a year-over-year shipment growth rate of 411.7%, albeit off a very small base.

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HDD technology going strong in SA

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