Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z unveiled: power at a price

The Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z, unveiled by Nvidia on 25 March, costs $3,000 (R32,000).

Now that we know it’s more expensive than most gaming PCs, we can forget owning one and simply marvel at the numbers that make up this impressive card.

Complete details of the dual GK110 GPU card have not been released as yet, but what is available so far is pretty impressive:

Stream Processors 2 x 2,880
Texture Units 2 x 48
ROPs 700MHz (not confirmed)
Core Clock n/a
Memory Clock 7GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 2 x 384-bit
VRAM 2 x 6GB
FP64 1/3 FP32
Transistor Count 2 x 7.1B
Manufacturing Process TSMC 28nm
Launch Date April 2014
Launch Price $2,999 (R32,000)

Each half of the card is equivalent to a GTX 780 Ti or GTX Titan Black, and although clock speeds have not been released, Nvidia said the card has 8 TFLOPS of FP32 performance.

The GTX Titan Z is configured with 12GB of VRAM, 6GB per GPU, operating at a 7 GHz clockspeed.

The card has a single fan that pushes air out both the front and the back of the card. No power consumption figures were given during at the time of publication. Nvidia’s summary of the launch is available on its blog.

Check out the launch video for the Titan Z below, followed by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang chatting about the company’s latest beast.

Source: AnandTech 

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Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z unveiled: power at a price

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