Gaming mice to make you drool

These gaming mice (or ‘mouses’ if you’re one of those people) are mouth-wateringly cool. We’re talking Lamborghini Aventador good-looking – and more expensive than a return flight to Dar es Salaam.

Also, they are pretty good for gaming, I guess.

Take a look at our roundup of the feistiest mice available in SA right now, based on expert reviews.

Razer Ouroboros – R1,876

This wireless beauty has detachable side panels, an adjustable palm-rest, 11 programmable buttons, and, to top it all off, green LEDs.

PC Mag awarded  the mouse 4/5 and praised it for its overall performance.

  • Response time – 1ms
  • Weight – 135 grams
  • Battery life while gaming – 12 hours
Razer Ouroboros

Razer Ouroboros

R.A.T 9 – R1,710

Move around its multiple weights to get it perfectly balanced, and tell your younger siblings it is a transformer waiting to to join Megatron and his evil forces.

This ensures solid gaming sessions without distraction.

PC Mag gave it 4/5, lauding its customisable options and its wireless performance.

  • Response time – 1ms
  • Weight163 grams
  • Battery life while gaming – 9 hours
R.A.T 9

R.A.T 9

Logitech G602 – R1,065

This little guy runs on 2 AA batteries, but if those Duracells are weighing you down, you can take one out and keep on gaming.

The G602 was given 4/5 by PC Mag, who liked its design and button placement.

  • Response time – 2ms
  • Weight – 153 grams (with two batteries)
  • Battery life – 250 hours (in Performance Mode)
Logitech G602

Logitech G602

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless – R1,774

SteelSeries promises its wireless offering can deliver tournament-grade performance comparable to its wired counterparts.

The Sensei lets you tune settings such as lift distance, button functionality, and it was awarded 4/5 by PC World.

  • Response time – 1ms
  • Weight – 120 grams
  • Battery life while gaming – 16 hours
SteelSeries Sensei

SteelSeries Sensei

Razer Mamba – R1,699

The Mamba allows you to programme five profiles into its little mouse brain, which then load automatically when certain applications are launched.

It can be used with or without a wire, and promises the same performance either way. PC Mag awarded it 4/5.

  • Response time – 1ms
  • Weight – 136 grams
  • Battery life while gaming – 16 hours
Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba

Corsair Vengeance M65 – R749

The M65 comes with the standard bells and whistles, including adjustable weights, an aluminium body, and selectable response times.

The M65 is the cheapest of the lot and does not come with a wireless option, but PC Mag gave it a respectable 4/5.

  • Response time – 1ms
  • Weight – 164 grams
Corsair Vengeance M65

Corsair Vengeance M65

Do you own a gaming mouse that will make this list? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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  • Kromas

    My Roccat died in 3 months. The only mouse that has survived me the longest ever was a Logitech MX 415. I am currently sporting a G500 and it is the best gaming mouse out there in terms of durability. The R.A.T. is flimsy and Razer will seize up in about 6 months time.

  • Michael

    Have a look at the new Logitech G502

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I have a Logitech G700s and it definitely should be up there. Best mouse I have ever had.

  • Mr.Jax

    I had a Roccat Kone+ and buttons broke after a month. My G500 survived 4 years of brutal gaming.

  • Mr.Jax

    What about the Steelseries Rival ? Been using it for 6 months now and it simply rocks.

  • The Rich

    Roccat is a budget, bottom-of-the-rung brand that nobody who’s serious about peripherals will even look at twice. If yours is actually reliable, you are lucky enough that I’d suggest you start playing the Lotto.

  • The Rich

    I can concur. I have an ancient MX510 that was bought probably 12 years ago and it is STILL going strong, no hassles. It’s outlived three pcs. Quite remarkable.

  • DCWarHound

    @The posters above

    The Roccat Kone XTD was build from scratch and has no relation to the other roccat mice.I wouldn’t think about buying the other roccat mice which is why i suggested the XTD.

  • I agree with Michael. I’d rather go with the Logitech G502 than paying R1876 for the Razer.

  • The Rich

    It’s still a Roccat though 😉

  • McTSA

    Good heads up. It’s an absolute beaut!

  • Viper-Smiddie

    Deathadder has been doing its job for years now. Nice solid feel and works great as a office mouse aswell.

Gaming mice to make you drool

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