AMD vs Nvidia vs Intel – who is king in SA?

We always drool when the latest AMD Radeon or Nvidia graphics card is released, and we love to read about new Intel processors and how much they cost, but do you ever wonder which brand of CPU and GPU dominates the South African PC gaming market?

We spoke to a large local ICT distributor and two PC building companies to see where gamers have been spending their money in 2014.


PC builders Evetech said both AMD and Intel CPUs were selling well from their side, but Intel was easily outperforming its rival in 2014 so far.

“Intel is the clear winner, but the more entry level gaming machines favour the AMD CPUs. For those on a lower budget, AMD is ahead, while Intel is used in the more mid-to-high end gaming machines,” said Evetech.

PC builder Rebel Tech said they too are selling more Intel CPUs – a favourite with their customers.

ICT distributor Rectron, who stock and sell Intel processors but not AMD, said their CPU sales have been stable, but they expected them to increase as the year progressed.

“Intel recently launched their Haswell Refresh product and we will most likely see a pickup in numbers now that consumers have access to the new items. This is something that usually heavily influences buying patterns,” said Rectron.

Figures provided by research firm IC Insights show that Intel lead the international market share ranks in MPU (microprocessors – which inlclude PC CPUs) sales for 2013. Intel supplied 62% of the market, while AMD came in fourth with 4.8%.

Round 1 to Intel.

Intel Core i7

Intel Core i7


Can AMD make up the ground it lost to Intel by beating Nvidia with its Radeon graphics cards? Unfortunately not.

Both PC builders Evetech and Rebel Tech, and distributor Rectron said that Nvidia was leading the pack in performance stats and sales figures.

“When the AMD R-Series cards launched we could not keep up with the demand, stock usually ran out within a couple of days and then sold out again when we received more. But, Nvidia leads the charts with performance and sales figures,” said Evetech.

Rectron experienced a similar trend. “AMD has closed the gap massively with the R9 series cards, but Nvidia still holds the majority of the sales.”

According to a recent John Peddie Research report, AMD and Nvidia held almost identical international market share for Q1 of 2014 – 16.7% and 16.6% respectively.

AMD Radeon R9 270

AMD Radeon R9 270

Okay AMD, Intel, and Nvidia fans – give us the low down on why your preferred brand is the best, in the comments and forum.

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AMD vs Nvidia vs Intel – who is king in SA?

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