The longest console life cycles

Technology, a banner which gaming marches under, is constantly evolving and improving. So much so that we know in 4 or 5 years time we will be packing away our PlayStation 4s and scratching cash together for a PS5.

While it’s necessary to always improve when and where we can, it is sad to say goodbye to our old consoles and the friends we made while playing their games.

It is with a tear in our eye that we remember these consoles, and admire how long they lived for.

Sega Dreamcast: 1998 – 2007 (9 years)

The Sega Dreamcast was a big hit in Japan – so big, in fact, that the company sold refurbished consoles until 2006, and only stopped repairing them in 2007. This gave the Sega Dreamcast a lifespan of 9 years.

The Dreamcast competed against the likes of the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

PlayStation 2: 2000 – 2013 (13 years)

It is not surprising that the PS2 lasted 13 years – it was an epic console. Here in SA you can still find PS2 games for sale, and there is no shortage of consoles on the market.

The PlayStation 2 competed against the Xbox and GameCube in its time.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 1989 – 2003 (14 years)

The SNES was introduced in 1989 and officially released in 1990. It was Nintendo’s second console, and went on to be the most successful 16-bit console in history.

After production of the console ceased in 1999, the SNES survived for another three years as retailers continued to sell refurbished units.



Nintendo Entertainment System: 1983-2003 (20 years)

The Nintendo Entertainment System is not only the longest-lasting Nintendo console, but was the biggest 8-bit video game machine in history.

Revealed in 1983, it took a while for the NES to become a hit across the globe. For example, Australia only officially got the console 1987. Although Nintendo has stopped making the NES, it is still possible to get your hands on a console today.

Personal Computer: 1406 – Present (608 years)

Of course, the longest life cycle for a system that plays video games must go to the PC. Invented in 1406 as a means to calculate odds for betting on jousting matches and finding pretty pictures of young maidens, the PC has been a faithful gaming tool since its inception and is still going strong.

8-bit Formula 1, Risk, that game were you were a soldier and had to walk up the screen and not stand on landmines – these titles all bring a smile to the face of PC fans. Well done PC, you outlived them all.

This one old PC man

A wipe was in order for Indiana Jones’s field PC

Any of you still playing games on an old console or outdated PC? Tell us about it in the comments and forum.

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The longest console life cycles

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