MSI unveils the new GT72 Dominator Pro – a gaming laptop beast

Following the launch of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M, MSI has unveiled its gaming powerhouse of a laptop equipped with the mobile GPU – the GT72 2QE Dominator Pro.

There is no local pricing available yet for the laptop from what I could see, but a supplier did inform me the gaming notebook would be in SA soon. As soon as we get the price sheet we will share that information with you.

The new GT72 comes equipped with the 8GB version of Nvidia’s 980M, which is the most powerful version available. The laptop is also fitted with an Intel i7 processor, 17.3-inch full HD LED screen, and can support up to 32GB of RAM.

The full specifications can be viewed in the table below.

MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro
CPU Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5GHz
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB
RAM 32GB DDR3 160MHz
HDD 1TB 7,200RPM
Display 17.3-inch LED (1920×1080)
Dimensions 428x294x48mm
Weight 3.78kg
Battery 9-cell Lithium Ion
MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

The hardware experts at Anandtech were sent one of these powerhouses to test – lucky bastards – and put it through its paces with some the team’s favourite games. Here is the how the Dominator performed:

Game Settings Frame Rate
Batman: Arkham Origins 1920×1080 Max 4xMSAA 99
Bioshock Infinite 1920×1080 UltraDX11 DDOF 80.1
Company of Heroes 2 1920×1080 Max High AA 34.2
Metro: Last Light Redux 1920×1080 Very High SSA 37.6
Sleeping Dogs 1920×1080 Extreme 51.9
Sniper Elite 3 1920×1080 Ultra SSA 39.5
Tomb Raider 1920×1080 Ultimate 67.9
MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

The Dominator comes with the normal laptop features – such as Windows 8.1; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; and Ethernet, USB, and audio ports – and a SteelSeries “full colour” LED-lit keyboard.

The Matrix display support allows for up to 4 displays to be connected to the laptop for those who are not satisfied with the standard 17.3-inch screen.

Although no local pricing is yet available, the laptop is available in the States for $2,899 through Amazon.

While direct price conversions are quite useless most of the time, for interest’s sake it works out to ±R32,000 (it will be more expensive when it does arrive, though).

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MSI unveils the new GT72 Dominator Pro – a gaming laptop beast

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