Cougar aluminium gaming keyboard: SA price, details

After recently announcing its arrival in South Africa, gaming hardware brand Cougar has revealed the details and local price of its 700K aluminium gaming keyboard.

As a PS4 man, I am not sure what the Master Race thinks about aluminium keyboards, but they sound like a great idea to me.

The keyboard is being sold as a “premium mechanical gaming keyboard aimed at professional level PC gamers”, and with a price tag of R1,778 I can see why. It’s due to hit the shelves at the end of December 2014.

The 700K is, as you would expect, composed of an aluminium frame with plastic frame wraps, Cherry MX mechanical switches, and features Cougar’s UIX system. This software allows you to configure your range of Cougar peripherals in a single application.

Cougar 700K

Cougar 700K

As with most modern gaming keyboards, the 700K features programmable profiles which can be saved and LED backlighting to make it look pretty at night.

For those of you into stats, here are some basic specs of the keyboard.

  • Processor – 32 bit ARM Cortex-MO
  • Polling Rate – 1000Hz
  • Programmable G-keys – 6
  • Dimensions – 230 x 487 x 40mm
  • Weight – 1.2Kg
Cougar 700K

Cougar 700K

Igor, start the machine – we need wild cat noises and exploding keyboards.

Do we like the 700K? Share your thoughts in the comments and forum.

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Cougar aluminium gaming keyboard: SA price, details

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