8K Ultra-HD TVs to arrive in 2018: your eyes may well explode

Eyes explode

And you thought LG’s super-thin OLED Wallpaper panels were cool.

Nowadays, more people are purchasing 4K ultra-high-definition TVs, that’s in spite of the fact that UHD TV shows are far from a commonplace on mainstream television at the moment.

And yet, the wheel of progress and development keeps turning because we’ll soon have 8K UHD TVs on the market by 2018, as predicted by Yoonsung Chung, director of large-area displays & FPD materials analysis at DisplaySearch Korea.


Sharp’s 8K UHD TV-set. Image by Hermitage Akihabara.

The first UHD TVs showed up during the 2011 to 2012 period and it typically takes around six years for a new resolution to become the norm.

Chung expects 8K to be commonplace once broadcasters start broadcasting in 7680×4320 resolution, along with advanced multi-channel audio. He also predicts that NHK Japan (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, Japan Broadcasting Corp.) will start broadcasting in the resolution.

8K UHD TVs should be readily available across the globe by 2018 and will eventually be an industry standard as well as growing sales trend for consumers.

Many interfaces will likely incorporate 8K, and many already do, including VESA’s DisplayPort 1.3, embedded DisplayPort 1.4 interconnections and the HEVC codec for UHD video also fully supports 8K resolutions.

Leading LCD manufacturers are experimenting with new resolutions constantly and we should see some new 8K-ready devices before 2018.

However, it will take the power of the internet, improved video processing and higher storage capacity for optical solutions to make 8K more widespread. At the moment, we have neither the bandwidth nor the hard drive capacity to maintain decent 8K transmissions.

Researchers from NHK believe 8K is the highest 2D resolution perceivable by the human eye, and all future video formats that follow will be stereoscopic in nature.

In 2014, around 19 million UHD TVs were shipped worldwide. This figure should at least double by 2015, reaching 15% of the market share.

According to PCWorld, Windows 10 will support 8K even before the resolution becomes an industry standard. So Microsoft is clearly ready.

And just think, some games already support 12K gaming. Just keep in mind that it’s apocalyptically expensive.

Talk about future-proofing, we can’t wait to have our eyes detonated by all of the 8K goodness. 2018 is going to be a eye-popping year indeed.

Source: KitGuru, PCWorld

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8K Ultra-HD TVs to arrive in 2018: your eyes may well explode

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