Intel’s most advanced reference cooler to date: the TS15A

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Pricey as Intel’s new-fangled i7-6700K and i5-6600K are, you won’t find the usual reference cooler from Intel included.

In fact, you won’t find any sort of included cooler with their latest range of unlocked Skylake CPUs.

Shooting for the upper echelons of performance, and designed with serious gamers, overclockers and PC enthusiasts in mind, Intel thought it better to remove the reference cooler no one will use from the packaging.

Intel Core i7-6700K and i5-6600K 'Skylake' - Boxed

The box art for these new processors was designed with gamers in mind; you can tell.

And it makes sense, if only to lower the price a tad – we suspect it has.

Instead, Intel expects those who purchase their unlocked enthusiast-grade CPUs to make use of high performance aftermarket air or water cooling solutions.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to take a whack at it themselves, however, having worked on their best performing cooler to date.

Intel TS15A Reference cooler (1)

Intel TS15A Reference cooler (Fan and heat sink).

Intel TS15A Reference cooler (2)

Intel TS15A Reference cooler (base).


PC store and component retailer Akiba PC Hotline, located in Japan, has started to sell Intel’s newest TS15A air cooler.

Straight away, as seen in the images above, it’s noticeably larger than prior reference coolers and should make for a better cooler as a result.

Designed for their latest LGA1151 socket type and using a 4-pin connector, the TS15A (BXTS15A) cooler sports a rather larger heat sink.

Unfortunately, it uses a relatively small fan, likely resulting in a louder and less capable cooler than most aftermarket solutions.

It’s also apparently quite expensive, going for ¥5162 ($41.5, or R535.29) – expect it to cost a little more than that in SA after inflation.

There are a number of capable aftermarket solutions available for that price online, so it’s going to be a hard sell.

Intel TS15A Reference cooler (3)


We realise that, for the moment at least, its aftermarket sale doesn’t exactly qualify it as a “reference cooler”, but we’re fairly sure it’s going to be included within the rest of the Skylake range.

If that’s the case, it should make for some very competitive CPUs to be sure.

Source: KitGuru

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Intel’s most advanced reference cooler to date: the TS15A

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