Samsung’s latest V-NAND SSD 950 Pro has read speeds of 2.5GBps

SSD 950 PRO - 2.5GBps read speed V-NAND

Samsung has unveiled its SSD 950 Pro, its first V-NAND NVMe-based solid state drive with storage space of up to 512GB.

Doh Young Jeong, Manager of Brand Product Sales Group, revealed the 950 Pro at the 4th annual SSD Global Summit in South Korea.

The SSD 950 Pro will ship in an M.2 form, making it suitable for laptops and small PCs.

The 950 Pro is suitable for intensive workloads, said Samsung, and outperforms SATA SSDs by over 4.5 times in sequential read and by over 2.5 times in sequential write.

The new drives deliver sequential read speeds of up to 2,500MBps, and sequential write speeds of up to 1,500MBps.

While it currently only offers storage of up to 512GB, Samsung promised a 1TB version using 48-layer VNAND in 2016.

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Samsung’s latest V-NAND SSD 950 Pro has read speeds of 2.5GBps

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