NVIDIA’s Pascal GPUs to assist in hurricane tracking

NVIDIA Pascal GPUs to monitor hurricanes

Whether they’re using GDDR5X or HBM2, early reports suggest that NVIDIA’s next family of GPUs, Pascal, are quite the graphical processing beasts.

More than 17 billion transistors, thanks to their 16nm FinFET process, which is more than twice the transistors of the current GeForce king the GTX Titan X, at a still quite impressive 8 billion, means a heck of a lot parallel processing potential.

Of course, as gamers, we can’t help but imagining the future of gaming and the sorts of graphical fidelity that can be achieved with modern APIs like DirectX 12 or Vulkan and sheer processing compute at their beckoning call.

But it’s that very same parallel processing power that gives GPUs an edge in any number of computing scenarios over general processors.

Initiatives like [email protected] and the amounts of power that can be produced as a result is proof of that.

So imagine what the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US NOAA) could do with 760 Pascal GPUs. They plan on tracking hurricanes; and it’s a good thing too. General Manager of Nvidia’s CUDA technology, Ian Buck, has expressed his excitement, and not just because they’re selling a bunch of units.

At the moment, says The Register, the NOAA’s current system has the compute power to handle horizontal resolutions of up to 12kms. That means that the globe’s weather is tracked by means of a grid, each grid point represents an area of 12km, end-to-end. The new Pascal-powered system will allow significant improvements, granting grid points as small as 3km.

What that equates to is more accurate analysis of current weather patterns, better predictions and more lives saved in getting people out of the way of hurricanes.

Just imagine what hurricane trackers and meteorologists could do with access to the Exascale supercomputer the US is cooking up.

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NVIDIA’s Pascal GPUs to assist in hurricane tracking

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