Some of the coolest gaming hardware from CES 2016

Best Tech at CES 2016

It feels like all the best gaming announcements made at CES 2016 were hidden under layers and layers of over-priced tech in its infancy.

We did, however, manage to find some fantastic tech you might care about. In case you were wondering what CES brought to the gaming industry, this is it.

Corsair 400C

Corsair 400C - CES 2016

There have always been practical, well built PC cases, but the increasing focus manufacturers are placing on design and the overall aesthetics of their chassis’ is what has us most excited about what was on display at CES 2016.

The Corsair 400C was definitely the stand out PC case of CES 2016. Its sleek design, dust proof encasing and one-sided glass door doesn’t sound that different from everyone else, but just look at it.

It’s also reasonably priced, sitting at just over $100 (R1, 650), which is pricey but far from impractical. With space to spare, a solid build and looks worthy of a double take, we were sold.

Alienware’s OLED Gaming Laptop

AlienWare OLED - CES 2016

Gone are the days of the “traditional”, lacklustre LCD laptop screens, and good riddance.

Introducing Alienware’s new OLED laptop. Previously, OLED screens were only found in high-end mobile devices and monitors. That’s because the tech has been too expensive to implement into anything else, until now.

The advantage of using an OLED display on a laptop is much richer colours and noticeably deeper blacks, and let us not forget the one millisecond response times.

Expect to pay a good $1, 499 (R24, 999) for this bad boy, which is around $450 more than the LCD model. And that’s for the low-end model.

Energizer 2X Smart Charger

Energizer Super Charge - CES 2016

Tired of sitting in front of your console while you charge your battery controller? Well, this new piece of hardware will super charge your Xbox One remote in under 60 seconds, and then you’ll be good to go for another 10-12 hours.

The kit includes an additional battery pack that replaces your current AA batteries or you charge pack on your Xbox One. It also comes bundled with a 2.7 meter magnetic cable that attaches effortlessly to your controller, so if you get up in a hurry, it will just come out with ease.

ASUS Republic of Gamers GT51

ROG GT51 - CES 2016

From the simple and sublime Corsair 400C, to something altogether more ostentatious, in a good way.

If you thought that last year’s ROG desktop was out of this world, ASUS has revealed the GT51 at CES 2016, and it looks like something Optimus Prime would use for gaming.

It has everything any gamer could ever dream of, and then some. Powered by a 6th generation Core i7 and backed by two NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X cards, it’s got the brute to go with the looks.

The GT51 also sports USB 3.1  and something called “Turbo Gear”, which allows users to overclock it with a single press of a button.

On the outside, you have the PC’s ATX chassis which is made of Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper. The PC also lights up like a New Year’s eve sky, with 8 million colours to choose from.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive - CES 2016

CES 2016 was filled to the brim with virtual reality goodness, which is no surprise to anyone. The Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive were there in full force.

We’ve talked the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR to death, leaving the Vive, arguably the best equipped of the lot, a little overshadowed.

At CES 2016, it all changed when HTC revealed the new Vive 3, a huge evolution of the original concept Valve and HTC first demonstrated.

Using a front facing camera, the Vive 3 can not only distort objects in the room you’re in, putting them into your VR environment, but it can turn the entire space around you into the playground.

It’s got real potential, perhaps even more than the mighty Oculus Rift, so you should definitely pay attention to this nifty device.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR - CES 2016

The Samsung Gear VR, a cost effective virtual reality headset that brings the experience to mobile devices. It’s lightweight, cordless and is a lot cheaper than the rest we’ve mentioned today.

It works by using your Samsung device to project into the VR headset. To sell the concept, Samsung has developed some great games for their Gear VR headset, and it’s slowly becoming a part of the Samsung family.

You cannot compare it to the more expensive devices, but it’s likely to be the most prolific of the lot for the very same reason.

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Some of the coolest gaming hardware from CES 2016

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