Oculus Creator warns developers about VR market

Oculus Rift founder, Palmer Luckey, has urged developers to be realistic about returns from the VR market.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Luckey highlighted that the VR gaming space was still in its infancy and that there was no precedent as to how the market would develop in the coming years.

I’d say developers should be realistic. Don’t believe the most optimistic things the analysts say. Especially when those analysts don’t actually know anything about VR.


It’s going to take time for virtual reality to become truly mass market and successful, so people should scale their efforts appropriately. Don’t go out and say, “Hey, we’ve got to get into VR. There’s going to be a hundred billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2018. If we can capture just 1 percent of that then we’re going to be a billion dollar company.” It’s not quite going to work like that, is my guess.

When asked when he thought the market was most likely to take off, Luckey was hesitant, stating that the answer relied on what was defined as “mass market” and that VR products wouldn’t necessarily have to reach a large market in order to be considered “a success”.

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Oculus Creator warns developers about VR market

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