Intel showcases awesome new Skylake features

Intel rumoured to be working on 5.1 GHz quad core processor

Intel has revealed the full capabilities and upcoming features of its 6th generation architecture.

The possible uses of Intel’s new chips range from mobile gaming platforms such as the Skull Canyon, to slimline devices like the HP Spectre.

This is down to one of the most useful features of Intel’s 6th Gen design – its compatibility with different form factors.

Intel is also focusing on Windows 10 functionality, integrating multi-factor authentication with Windows 10 using a security feature called TrueKey. This means that Skylake chips are the most secure chip ever made, implementing the concept of “You are your password” – improving accessibility while maintaining security.

The company plans to replace its 1 billion 3-year-old PCs currently in circulation with lighter, sleeker devices powered by the latest processors. These upcoming Intel-powered devices will focus on accessibility, adding new mechanics such as a multi-factor authentication login system, wireless docking and projection, and the company is working on implementing wireless charging for its devices.

What 6th Gen means for gamers

According to Intel, there are 1.8 billion total gamers in the world, 1.2 billion of which are PC gamers.

Intel’s 6th Gen processors will cater specifically for gamers seeking lightweight hardware, as they are half the weight and half as thin as 2010 processors.

This slim design coupled with increased power efficiency means these new processors will allow PC gamers to compress their gaming rigs down to more manageable sizes while still maintaining performance.

Intel plans to integrate its RealSense camera into both security and gaming, allowing users to login to the system with advanced facial recognition and adding various features for gamers, such as background removal for streamers.

Other uses of the RealSense feature include scanning in the player’s face into a game or syncing the live facial movements of a player to an avatar.

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Intel showcases awesome new Skylake features

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