Razer unveils stylish all-in-one gaming mouse and keyboard

Razer Turret featured

Razer has released the Turret – an all-in-one PC gaming solution for the living room.

The keyboard-and-mouse combo is fully wireless and features gaming-grade Razer hardware.

The Turret is built for portable gaming, featuring a wireless gaming mouse and gaming keyboard. The Turret keyboard is designed to be used as a lapboard, with a designated area to use as a mouse pad for the Turret mouse.

The lapboard and mouse are Razer’s answer to the problem of PC gaming in the living room – an area currently dominated by consoles.

The Turret can connect to your PC with minimal input latency, using a bundled 2.4GHz wireless adapter or Bluetooth

Razer states that the keyboard’s battery will last up to 4 months, while the battery on the mouse can withstand 40 hours of continuous gameplay.

The Turret mouse is a relatively standard gaming mouse – featuring two side buttons and a 3,500 DPI laser sensor.

The devices can be stored together thanks to a stylish charging dock.

The Turret is priced at $159.99 internationally. There is currently no South African pricing for the Razer Turret.

Razer Turret dockTurret 2 Turret 1

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  • DCWarHound

    Too bad i don’t trust Razer products anymore.

  • Was about to say how great the idea is and how sad it is that the mouse will break within a month and the keyboard will be dead a week later. 🙂

  • Charl van der Merwe

    dunno both my razer products going strong 2 years and counting

  • Xonix

    My Razer-Mamba has been going really strong for 3 years now but the wireless receiver died when the warranty expired

  • Vorastra

    Here I am with a 750BK from 2009 and the sensor is still going strong. To be fair, it is using an Avago A6010.

    The only issue I had with the mouse was the left-click button registering double clicks a few months ago. Opened it up and just bent metal contact back up.

  • nightshade2109

    I used to be a huge Razer fan I had everything Razer a Black Widow Ultimate, Razer Mamba and Razer Kraken headphones.

    When my Razer Mamba scroll wheel and right click button stopped working after 2 years I decided to replace it with a Razer Deathadder which worked well for 3 months then the scroll wheel packed up as well.

    I contacted Razer for a replacement and they came back saying the don’t ship any products to South Africa so eventually all are grey market and they cannot honor the warranty.

    During this my girl friend got me a Razer Naga for my birthday which out of the box the scroll wheel didn’t work as well.

    Subsequently I have switched to using a Genius GX Gila Mouse for half the price of a Razer and you can feel the difference in the quality of the materials used even how when you lift the mouse off the surface of the table the cursor doesn’t jump like it does with a Razer.

    i’m going to be replacing my Razer Keyboard and Headphones with Genius.

    An old Razer mouse I have is still going strong after 12 years.
    I think they have just lowered the quality of their products recently.

  • John E Schweiter Jr.

    stylish or not. it is proprietary. i hate proprietary devices… everyone i know either buys a serfpad tv tray or makes a serfpad if they cannot afford one. it is simple and you get to use your favorite mouse and keyboard instead of something shoved down your throat…

Razer unveils stylish all-in-one gaming mouse and keyboard

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