Razer unveils stylish all-in-one gaming mouse and keyboard

Razer Turret featured

Razer has released the Turret – an all-in-one PC gaming solution for the living room.

The keyboard-and-mouse combo is fully wireless and features gaming-grade Razer hardware.

The Turret is built for portable gaming, featuring a wireless gaming mouse and gaming keyboard. The Turret keyboard is designed to be used as a lapboard, with a designated area to use as a mouse pad for the Turret mouse.

The lapboard and mouse are Razer’s answer to the problem of PC gaming in the living room – an area currently dominated by consoles.

The Turret can connect to your PC with minimal input latency, using a bundled 2.4GHz wireless adapter or Bluetooth

Razer states that the keyboard’s battery will last up to 4 months, while the battery on the mouse can withstand 40 hours of continuous gameplay.

The Turret mouse is a relatively standard gaming mouse – featuring two side buttons and a 3,500 DPI laser sensor.

The devices can be stored together thanks to a stylish charging dock.

The Turret is priced at $159.99 internationally. There is currently no South African pricing for the Razer Turret.

Razer Turret dockTurret 2 Turret 1

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Razer unveils stylish all-in-one gaming mouse and keyboard

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