The truth about Nvidia’s upcoming Founders cards

GTX 1080 featured image

Nvidia may have spoken too soon about some of its upcoming Pascal cards.

When Nvidia announced its range of Pascal cards on 7 May 2016, they mentioned that both the GTX 1080 and 1070 would be receiving a “Founders Edition” – which CEO Jen-Hsun Huang implied would provide better overclocking potential than the standard card.

These cards would retail at a price point of $100 more than the standard editions they were based on.

This led many to believe that these “Founders Cards” would be binned GPUs that provided above-average overclocking potential, and perhaps better circuitry than the reference designed cards.

We now know that these “Founders Cards” are in fact simply the reference design.

This in effect means you may see a better-engineered Pascal card from one of Nvidia’s partners, but there may also be virtually no difference at all, besides a different brand name.

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The truth about Nvidia’s upcoming Founders cards

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