DeepCool’s epic PC gaming cases have built-in liquid cooling

DeepCool Genome

DeepCool recently added a new product to its lineup of liquid-cooled PC gaming cases, Tom’s Hardware reports.

The company debuted its New Ark gaming case at Computex 2016, featuring a new external reservoir design and a revision of its liquid-cooling hardware.

DeepCool’s lineup of liquid-cooled PC gaming cases includes the Genome and New Ark products.

Both liquid-cooled gaming cases come with a pre-installed reservoir and custom liquid-cooling setup, allowing gamers to plan their custom cooling loops without worrying about the size and placement of their reservoirs.

DeepCool’s New Ark and Genome cases feature pre-installed liquid-cooling hardware, including a pump, reservoir and radiator.

DeepCool New Ark

The New Ark case features an external reservoir mounted to the front of the case, a DeepCool Captain water-cooling block, and a 360mm side-mounted radiator.

The case also features a custom, vertical mounting point for the GPU on top of the PSU shroud using a PCIe x16 extender, allowing gamers to more effectively display their GPU.

The New Ark case supports full-size ATX motherboards and up to three additional 120mm case fans.

The case is expected to release by the end of 2016, and will be priced at $349 internationally.

DeepCool New Ark

DeepCool Genome

The DeepCool Genome liquid-cooled case was the first DeepCool case to feature a built-in cooling system.

The chassis features a uniquely-designed externally-mounted reservoir like the New Ark model, and is available in a variety of colour combinations

The Genome case also comes with a selection of pre-installed liquid-cooling products, such as a 360mm top-mounted radiator and CPU cooling block.

This case also features a GPU mounting point on the PSU like the New Ark, although users will have to purchase the required PCIe x16 extender seperately.

The DeepCool Genome is not available in South Africa, but can be purchased from Amazon for $249.

DeepCool Genome

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DeepCool’s epic PC gaming cases have built-in liquid cooling

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