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Logitech G encourages gamers to continue playing for fun with the Play Your Way collection

Gaming is fun; if it weren’t, it wouldn’t have an estimated 1.77 billion PC gamers worldwide, potentially exceeding 1.85 billion in 2024.

But why are games so much fun?

In addition to transporting players to new worlds, gaming satisfies their need for recognition and achievement.

But there’s so much more to why people worldwide want to play.

So, here are some reasons why video games provide countless hours of fun for players worldwide.

They open up new realities

Nothing compares to playing a superhero, a legendary athlete, or any other character whose shoes we mere mortals can only dream of stepping into.

Games let players explore worlds their minds would never be able to imagine in captivating storylines.

Heroic figures and legendary athletes create most of the adventure in games, while the power to survive, rule, or live in these worlds is placed in the hands of gamers with a keyboard and mouse.

They give players a sense of accomplishment

In essence, gaming is one massive quest after another.

With so many different ways for gamers to excel in video games, there’s always something new and exciting to accomplish.

It’s one of the reasons why massive real-world brands have embraced gamification strategies traditionally found in games: these strategies improve engagement by encouraging goal completion.

They let gamers play their way

In addition to these factors, players also enjoy gaming because they can express their sense of style and show off their gaming personality with vibrantly coloured gaming gear like Logitech G’s Colour Collection.

The global PC and console gaming leader has a new take on gaming gear that combines decades of quality, high-performance tech with fun, vibrant colours.

Gamers can play their way with gear like the wireless LIGHTSPEED G305 mouse, which features HERO sensor technology to deliver exceptionally accurate and consistent performance with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration from 200 to 12,000 DPI.

They can choose to light up their game and desk with the G102 LIGHTSYNC mouse, which has RGB lighting and a classic six-button design or match their excellent playing style to their favourite G335 wired gaming headset colour.

This lightweight plug-and-play headset combines a range of eye-catching colours with comfort to let players quickly connect and jump into their favourite game.

Since gaming is about more freedom to play all day and express yourself, the Logitech Colour range also includes the wireless G435 Headset, which gives players the freedom to play games, music, or with friends.

The headset is lightweight and comfortable so that someone can play all day and comes in three colours so players can truly express themselves.

“Gaming is more than just about winning; it’s about players having fun, expressing themselves and connecting with friends.”

“So, Logitech developed this range, so gamers can continue to play their way, immerse themselves in their favourite titles and convey their style and personality,” says Alexander Olls, Logitech G Marketing Manager, South Africa.

This article was published in partnership with Logitech.

Logitech G encourages gamers to continue playing for fun with the Play Your Way collection

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