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DOAK – South Africa’s first MMORPG that pays you to play

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms ( is the hottest new arrival into South Africa’s virtually desolate free-to-play MMO market.

Developed by Utopia Dream Entertainment Alliance (UDEA) and hosted in Pretoria, DOAK offers its players access to three out-of-this-world kingdoms that are guaranteed to give you months of discovery and adventure.

Although Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms hasn’t been in the gaming industry for as long as World of Warcraft, but it still delivers a very similar MMO gameplay experience. Just without the expensive expansion packs and monthly fees.

If you’re a real “MMO-maniac” then you probably would’ve already guessed that DOAK includes mounts, guilds, massive Kingdoms, PvP, extensive character customization and chatting with other players from all over South Africa. However, there are some other really interesting unique gameplay functions to feel ecstatic about!

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms 01

Everybody knows that most MMORPG’s have mounts, but not many of them include such a vast variety of mounts. In Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms there are over 28 different mounts such as: various horses, dragons, unicorns, saber-tooth tigers, a phoenix and even Santa’s sleigh!

I was really blown away when I found out that Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms offers you the chance to become King of their online Kingdoms, with real responsibilities and real servants.

This online Kingdom structure works really well to helps you realize your character’s role in the story other than just killing monsters to complete tasks and forming strong guilds to raid resources.

Another unique aspect of this game is the way in which treasure is found in treasure hunting tasks. The only clue you get is a screenshot of where the treasure is hidden Instead of a map to lead you there.

So pay careful attention to certain geographic traits of the different lands to figure out where the treasure can be found.

UDEA truly did their best to make this local production as lekker as possible. The trees in the morning breeze village remind me of the Jacaranda’s of Jozi, and there’s even a Cape of Good Hope.

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms 02

You can also choose from various different skin tones to suit all the colours of our beautiful Rainbow-nation. Oh and don’t be surprised if you see the residents of the Kingdoms add a little “eish” to their sentences every once in a while.

The graphics are surprisingly good for a 1GB game when it’s on maximum settings. If you consider that UDEA used an older generation of graphics software to accommodate more players, then I think you will agree that things are much more exciting when everyone can join in the fun.

Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms 03

I would seriously suggest playing this game before rushing to any conclusions about it. The beauty of free-to-play games is that you have nothing to lose by playing them.

DOAK has exciting features that you won’t find in any other game out there! That’s why I would definitely recommend this game to anyone seeking a long adventure.

Find out how to get paid to play at:

This article was published in partnership with Utopia Dream Entertainment Alliance (UDEA).

DOAK – South Africa’s first MMORPG that pays you to play

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