Nintendo announces its acquisition of Shiver Entertainment

Nintendo is set to acquire Shiver Entertainment from Embracer Group AB – acquiring 100% of the company’s outstanding shares.

This announcement was made on 21 May 2024 via a notice posted by Nintendo in which the gaming company explained its rationale for acquiring Shiver.

“Shiver is a video game development company that develops software for multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch. Since its establishment in 2012, Shiver has partnered with publishers and developers through commissions for large scale title developments, and recently, has worked on porting and developing software titles such as Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1,” the announcement said.

“By welcoming Shiver’s experienced and accomplished development team, Nintendo aims to secure high-level resources for porting and developing software titles.”

Nintendo also indicated that even once the acquisition is completed, Shiver’s focus will remain the same with it continuing to develop and port software for multiple platforms and Nintendo Switch.

The acquisition is set to be completed pending the satisfaction of all relevant customary closing conditions.

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Nintendo announces its acquisition of Shiver Entertainment

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