PSN makes more money than all of Nintendo

Sony’s online service, PlayStation Network, made more money last year than all of Nintendo combined.

Twitter user ZhugeEX was the first to point out the incredible statistic following earnings calls given in early April.

During the last financial year (ending 31 March 2016) Sony’s PSN service earned 529.1 billion Yen in sales. In the same time frame Nintendo earned 504.4 billion Yen.

Sony made PSN a requirement to play online games following the launch of the PS4 in late 2013.

With the console’s lifetime sales rumoured to be nearing 40 million in addition to PS3 and Vita users, this figure begins to make a bit more sense.

Sony also takes a percentage of all content sold through the PSN store. That means all media content sold through PSN (including PlayStation Music and PlayStation VUE sales) also counts towards this sale figure.

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PSN makes more money than all of Nintendo

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