This is how much data and battery Pokemon GO really uses


Pokemon GO is currently taking the world by storm, with news that the app has already eclipsed Twitter.

As the game requires you to have a constant data or Wi-Fi connection, camera features, and GPS enabled, it is also a major battery and data usage concern.

We tested Pokemon GO to find out just how much data and battery it uses. Check out our results below:

Please note that your results may differ depending on your phone model and usage. This is a guideline of what to expect from average use with augmented reality (AR), GPS, and mobile data enabled.

Mobile Data

On an LG G4 we used approximately 4.4 MB of data over the course of an hour. During the same time period, an iPhone 6 consumed 6.5 MB of data in-app.

This matches other reportswhich show that app will typically use 5MB – 10MB of data over an hour-long period.

In contrast, reports show that Facebook uses about 2MB a minute when viewing videos and photos on your timeline.


Battery usage

Battery usage is a completely different story, as Pokemon GO burned through batteries of the LG G4 and iPhone 6.

Over an hour, Pokemon GO accounted for 8% of battery usage on the LG G4 and 11% on the iPhone 6.

Since the app’s official release in Australia, New Zealand and the US, Pokemon GO has accounted for over 22% of all battery usage on our iPhone 6 and over 30% on an LG G4.

Turning off AR, using a Wi-Fi connection or enabling power-saving settings should lessen the impact.

Once again, this matches up with other reports that Pokemon GO accounts for a massive battery drain battery on all devices.


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This is how much data and battery Pokemon GO really uses

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