How to beat any gym in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO battles

Pokémon GO is taking over the world, with a massive amount of players hunting Pokemon and battling each other.

If you recently reached level 5 and are ready to battle it out in a nearby Gym, you should check this strategy out if you want to completely destroy your opponents.

Firstly, you should head to a Gym that’s owned by an opposing team and ensure that your Pokémon are ready for battle.

Although this strategy does make it easier to win battles against Pokémon vastly more powerful than your own, it is still a good idea to pick some relatively powerful Pokémon.

Now, become familiar with the following strategy that will allow you to take on enemies much higher than your current level:

The strategy consists of a simple dodge-attack combination, which uses visual clues and timing to damage enemy Pokémon while avoiding all damage.

In order to pull this off correctly, you should dodge to the side as your opponent winds up their attack (look out for the yellow ‘flash’ signalling an impending strike) and immediately counterattack by tapping your own Pokémon.

Using this strategy, battles become more skill-based and less reliant on Pokémon strength, allowing practiced players to take over Gyms with ease.

It should be noted that this is only feasible when using a decent internet connection, so try and battle opponents over a stable connection whenever possible.

Check out this strategy in action below:

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How to beat any gym in Pokémon GO

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