This is how you can find the best Pokemon in South Africa

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If you are playing Pokemon GO and are struggling to find specific rare Pokemon, this real-time map may be the answer to your troubles.

A developer named Ahmed Almutawa has managed to extract data from Pokemon GO and overlay location information onto Google Maps.

This means that players can access a real-time map detailing the location of Pokestops, Gyms, and specific Pokemon.

The map can also be used anywhere in the world, including South Africa.

However, the map is not simple to setup and does take some technical knowledge to get working.

To find out more about the map overlay, check out the developer’s Reddit post.

If you don’t want the hassle of setting up the map tool, you can simply head over to the Ingress Intel map to check out the best places to hunt Pokemon.

Pokemon GO uses data from Niantic’s previous augmented reality game Ingress, and Ingress Portals and XM locations are directly related to various Pokemon hotspots.

Please note: Using the above-mentioned Google Maps overlay is against the Pokemon GO Terms of Service and could result in a permanent ban.

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This is how you can find the best Pokemon in South Africa

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