Diablo IV rumours kick into overdrive

A gift-bag given to well known streamers and other content creators may have cust leaked Diablo IV, reports PCGamesN.

This is all thanks to a misprinted D4 die and a continuous reappearance of the number four.

Within (the goody bag) are various D&D-style dice, from the honourable 20-sided ‘to-hit’ die to the lowly dagger-weapon four-sided one, commonly known as a D4. That on its own is enough to send some into a frenzy, especially with Blizzard’s recent streak of well-hidden and highly-complex Overwatch hints.

However, the D4 is also misprinted. D4 are designed as pyramids, with three numbers printed on each face. Whichever edge lands downwards indicates the number you’ve hit – so all the 1s should be along one set of edges, all the 2s on another. This is not true on these Diablo ones, where one of the faces is on the wrong side meaning instead of an edge reading 1 1 1, it reads 1 1 4. A four out of place.

Finally this year’s Blizzcon event will take place on 4 November.

This follows recent reports that Blizzard is hiring a development team for a new Diablo project.

You can check out the video below for a complete breakdown of all the hints pointing to Diablo IV:

Do you think Diablo IV is coming, or is Blizzard just messing with its fans? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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Diablo IV rumours kick into overdrive

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