Nvidia Titan X Pascal versus Titan X – 4K performance comparison

Nvidia Pascal Titan X

Nvidia has officially launched its new Pascal-based graphics card, the new Titan X.

The Pascal Titan X is the most powerful graphics card in the world, beating out the GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 980 Ti in terms of raw performance.

However, the card is not specifically built for gaming and focusses greatly on INT8 and FP32 compute.

The Pascal-based Nvidia Titan X is not priced as a gaming card, with Nvidia launching the product at $1,199.

Can the new Nvidia Titan X take on its predecessor in terms of gaming performance? Check out their specifications and benchmarks below to find out:

Note: The “Titan XP” label refers to the Pascal-based Titan X.


Titan X
Titan XP
CUDA Processors  3,072  3,584
Rated Clock Speed  1,000MHz  1,417MHz
Texture Units  192  224
ROP Units  96  96
Memory  12GB GDDR5  12GB GDDR5X
Memory Clock  7,000MHz  10,000MHz
Memory Interface  384-bit  384-bit
Memory Bandwidth  336GB/s  480GB/s
TDP  250W  250W
Peak Compute  6.14 TFLOP/s  11 TFLOP/s
MSRP  $999  $1,199

4K Gaming Benchmarks





Witcher 3

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Nvidia Titan X Pascal versus Titan X – 4K performance comparison

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