Awesome virtual reality games you can play this year

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As we enter the busy season in gaming, we have to acknowledge some of the games that are headed our way.

If anything, the rest of the year has some great titles in store for us, but most importantly, the release of new virtual reality hardware opens up new doors for gaming.

With PlayStation VR releasing in October, and the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive becoming desired high-end items for all PC gamers out there, we have to consider what games we will be playing when we get our hands on all this hardware.

Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR

Ever wanted to soar through the skies in an X-Wing? Well, up to now you have been able to, but thanks to PS VR, you will be able to do it like never before in Star Wars: Battlefront.

The upcoming VR mode for the game will put you in the pilot’s seat as you truly experience what it is like to fly an X-Wing.

The X-Wing VR game mission might be a small step in the Battlefront experience, but it is a giant step in the Star Wars universe.

Resident Evil 7

Yes, I might be pushing it a little as Resident Evil 7 is due out in January 2017, but it is so darn close that I have to consider it. After playing the demo of the game, and almost having a heart attack, I cannot help but imagine what it would be like to play the full experience in VR.

Capcom have already expressed how the game will have no supernatural elements, so expect something fresh and new

Imagine yourself hiding away under beds and sneaking through a house in which red-neck cannibals and maniacs reside. I am sold!

Here They Lie

Sure, virtual reality means that there will probably be 80% more horror games compared to any other genre, but I really do not mind.

Here They Lie seems like your everyday horror, besides the fact that you are sent into your own nightmare in which you now need to escape.

Flying sharks, and a bunch of life-threatening creatures? Well, it would not be a horror game without them I suppose.

Santa Monica Studios have been responsible for some great games in the past like God of War and The Order: 1886, so I am confident this game will be a hit.

Batman: Arkham VR

Last year when Batman: Arkham Knight released, the game was sold with the slogan “Be the Batman”. Well, Batman: Arkham VR certainly delivers on this concept.

Batman: Arkham VR is all about Batman’s detective skills as you see the world through Batman’s eyes. Solving mysteries in the Wayne Manor, or even heading into the Batcave for a quick walk-about.

Driveclub VR

DriveClub was already one of the most underrated games of 2014, and people were not happy with its bumpy release and lack of content.

Since then, the game has been improved, adding tons of new content and features. The most important addition however, will be the inclusion of VR features later this year.

DriveClub already looks fantastic, and the ability to sit in the car and be part of the race like never before will be a great addition to racing games in general.

We will be immersed into the experience and really feel part of it as we race through the rain, or try and block the sun from our eyes.

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League

Rigs: Mechanized Combat, has been on the radar since PlayStation VR’s initial reveal, and it looks great. To take a FPS and turn it into a fast-paced tournament experience is something that has to be polished and done correctly.

The game will see us put our VR headset on and head into a battle arena as we control a mech. We will shoot and destroy other players, and at the same time try and score goals in a basketball-like fashion.

Different mechs will give you different abilities like hovering, double jumping, and speed increases. It is all about being part of the mech, and VR will make this level of immersion possible.

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Awesome virtual reality games you can play this year

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