The 5 worst types of Gamers

Angry gamer boy

Most gamers are reasonable people who enjoy playing games on their platform of choice, be it PC, PlayStation, or Xbox One.

Players of all ages have managed to shrug off archaic stereotypes and enjoy the amazing amount of entertainment modern gaming has to offer.

Despite this, there are still a few gamers who aren’t that much fun to play with. From making you deaf by screaming in your ear to ruining the game for everybody else, these are the worst types of gamers:

The Cheater

Let’s begin with one of the worst types of gamers in the world, cheaters.

Cheaters make a persistent effort to overcome anti-cheat systems and ruin the gaming experience for fellow gamers.

This is especially true for highly-competitive games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where winning and losing ranked games has a tangible effect, and it is these games that contain the highest number of cheaters.

Cheaters and hackers are the worst type of gamer you can expect to encounter in the world of online gaming, and you will encounter them sooner or later.

cs go cheating

The Compensator

These gamers boast the best and most expensive hardware they can get their hands on, but they never actually use it for gaming.

Their concept of gaming consists solely of comparing their gaming rig to others and boasting online to other gamers about how they have better performance in theoretical benchmarks.

PC gamers usually have a keen interest in gaming hardware, and enjoy installing high-end hardware for the performance boosts it provides.

There is nothing wrong with being a hardware enthusiast, but putting down casual gamers because they can’t run their games at the highest settings is not what gaming is really about.

The Compensator

The Noob

We were all noobs at some point, but we like to think we didn’t commit the atrocious acts we see from some new gamers online.

New players that don’t understand the difference between the tutorial and ranked mode, or end the game with more team-frags than kills can be a frustration to all but the most patient players.

Luckily, these gamers usually learn quickly and are easily forgiven, as we all have to start somewhere.


The Perfect Player

This type of gamer is most common around online shooters, but can be found in every genre of gaming.

They believe themselves to be perfect and infallible, unable to make any mistake. Whenever they lose, they will blame everything from their teammates and the game to the direction of the wind.

Difficult to reason or play with, these gamers show up regularly in team-based multiplayer games.

Video gamers are sexy, or at least they think they are

The Screamer

Spreading from the abysall depths of Xbox Live across the internet, Screamers have contaminated the voice communications of most popular online games for years.

Usually around 12 years old or younger, these gamers vehemently abuse the feature of voice chat, vigorously lambasting allies while simultaneously insulting enemies, all in a jarring, high-pitched squeal.

Thankfully, these players can be quickly dealt with via a swift strike of the mute button.

screaming kid

What is your least favourite type of gamer? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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The 5 worst types of Gamers

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