5 secret things you didn’t know you could actually do in No Man’s Sky

No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky launched to mixed reviews, with one of the main complaints centering around a “lack of things to do” while playing the game.

While the game may not be as complex as originally promised, there are plenty of secrets hidden in the game which are never explained outright.

Whether that’s due to a lacking tutorial or because developers Hello Games just want you to discover the in-game depth for yourself we took a look at five things you didn’t know you could do in No Man’s Sky.

Check them out below:

Feed the aliens

Those who have been playing the game for a while may have noticed a prompt when brushing against some of the game’s friendlier wildlife.

That’s because you can actually feed the animals in the game, provided you have the right element on you.

Doing so will also result in them giving you items in return or leading you to buried items on the surface.

No Mans sky

Scan the planet

When using your analysis visor, colour-coded symbols mean different things. A red dot on a plant or animal means that you have not discovered that particular species before.

These dots don’t need to be in direct vision, allowing you to track creatures across bumpy terrain.

Upload your findings

Leading off of undiscovered plants and animals, you can upload recently-discovered animals for credits.

Navigate to your options menu and then click on Discoveries. Anything in the included list with a red dot over it can be traded for money.

In addition the Records section on the same page  reflects how much of the planet’s fauna and flora you have discovered with a massive credit bonus being awarded if you upload everything.

Don’t burn fuel on take off and landing

Tired of spending half of your surface time constantly resupplying your spaceship’s fuel?

You can save on this fuel by landing on an Outpost’s landing pad (aim and hold square when directly above it).

When you next take off you’ll receive a boost from the pad, so won’t expend any Launch Thruster fuel to get going again.


Use your Atlas Pass

Exploring and come across unopenable crates and doors requiring you to have an “Atlas Pass”?

These can be accessed by choosing to follow the “Atlas Path” at the beginning of the game and following the storyline (and big red blobs).

Progressing further will eventually grant you an Atlas Pass, which will also grant you a blueprint.

Accessing crates and rooms locked by an Atlas Pass often rewards better loot, including blueprints and upgrades.

What cool tips and tricks have you discovered in No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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5 secret things you didn’t know you could actually do in No Man’s Sky

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