This is why No Man’s Sky wasn’t saving some of your discoveries

No Man's Sky landed

One of the biggest selling points of No Man’s Sky is the ability to name solar systems, planets, animals, plants, and regions.

That’s why gamers were so upset just two weeks after release, when it appeared that discoveries were erased from the game.

The problem was originally discovered by Reddit user, Dark Nexis, who noted:

So as I got closer to the center I thought to my self I should head back home good thing I set a waypoint on my starting planet to find my way back.

I finally made it back after many hours and I found out all my discoveries were wiped and it said I discovered it on the 11th when I started on the 9th.

I check a few neighboring stars I discovered and their discovers were wiped.. So none of my named animals plants were ever saved. The system name and planet names were saved but everything elts was wiped. I’m kinda sad that after heading back that all that I discovered was never really saved except the system and planet names.

What I mean by “wiped” is the names I gave them are gone and reset like I never discovered them, there still there just not discovered when I did discover them before I left my starting system. Only thing still named is the planet and system names as said before.

Several other users reported the problem, noting that while planets and systems retained their names, nothing else did.

A follow-up post on the No Man’s Sky subreddit confirmed that the issue was not permanent and that the issue was due to server-load issues.

That means if you run into a unnamed planet you’ve previously discovered, don’t panic. It’s likely a server issue and will sort itself out shortly.

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This is why No Man’s Sky wasn’t saving some of your discoveries

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