LG unveils new ultra-wide gaming monitors

21:9 has slowly become a popular aspect ratio among high-end gamers.

The ultra-wide format offers more screen real estate and the option to run a multi-monitor experience without having to deal with nasty bezels getting in the way.

LG is hoping to cater to this audience by releasing three new ultra-wide monitors at this year’s IFA, reports Engadget.

They include the world’s largest 38-inch curved 38UC99 model that goes on sale in September for $1,500, a 34-inch curved 34UC79G due in October for $700, and the flat 34-inch 34UM79M coming in November for $600.

“That massive 38-incher packs a Quad HD+ resolution of 3,840 x 1,600 and is apparently the first ultrawide monitor with a USB-C port built-in.”

The smaller monitors are no slouches either, with the 34UM79M offering integrated Google Cast support and the 34UC79G being the world’s first 144Hz IPS 21:9 Curved UltraWide gaming monitor.

There is currently no information regarding South African pricing or release.

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LG unveils new ultra-wide gaming monitors

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