Bravado Gaming wins Evetech Champions League

Bravado Gaming

The Evetech Champions League Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament has concluded, with Bravado Gaming emerging victorious from the Grand Finals.

The Evetech Champions League main event featured six of South Africa’s biggest CS:GO teams competing for a prize pool of R150,000.

The LAN event took place from 2-4 September and was broadcasted live on YouTube Gaming.

Matches were played in a best-of-3 format, with the exception of the finals, which was a best-of-5 match.

Aperture Gaming narrowly defeated Carbon eSports in the Loser’s Bracket Final, earning them a place in the final, where they faced off against Bravado Gaming.

Bravado Gaming beat Aperture Gaming 3-0 in the grand finals, taking home the grand prize of R75,000, with Aperture claiming the second place prize of R40,000.

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Bravado Gaming wins Evetech Champions League

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