ReCore – Review Roundup


ReCore, the intriguing Microsoft-exclusive Play Anywhere adventure title by Armature Studios, has finally been released on PC and Xbox One.

The game was highly anticipated amongst critics and gamers alike, with the trailer offering a deep and memorable setting with seemingly interesting mechanics.

Did it live up to it’s hype? Here’s what the critics had to say:

Destructoid – 4/10

“It’s all a shame because ReCore shows so much promise in its opening hours. It’s easy to envision a way in which all those ideas could manifest into something great.

They don’t, though. Instead, it’s just a jumble of mechanics that never jell, gameplay that grows stale far too quick, and insulting design. System failure.”

GamingBolt – 8/10

“If it wasn’t for the extreme bugs and flaws that shroud ReCore this would be one of the best games I’ve played so far this generation.

The good outweighs the bad. I hope for its success because this new IP deserves to be an ongoing franchise for everything new it brought to the table.”

Polygon – 6.5/10

“When it’s working, Recore is a game that feels evocative of a different era of action games.

But in its final half, Comcept and Armature let collect-a-thon structure and a poorly realized open world drag the whole thing back down to earth.”

ReCore Screenshot

The Jimquisition – 7/10

“In spite of everything dragging it down, it’s a fun ride packed with stuff to do, from optional areas to replayable dungeons to passive “hunting” quests that reward players for taking out certain enemies using certain attacks.

New Eden isn’t as big as No Man’s Sky‘s universe or even Far Cry 4‘s mountainous terrain, but it’s got far more compelling reasons to stick around.”

GameSpot – 6/10

“I wanted to like it more, and had it not overstayed its welcome, I would have.

But in the end, like its robots, ReCore is a game with a bright soul encased in parts that are used well past their prime.”

GamesRadar – 2/5

“Somewhere in ReCore is a good game. Joule and her companions are instantly likable. Far Eden’s tale is an intriguing one.

Thanks to her agility and rocket boots, Joule is a satisfying character to control. The game’s core (apologies for using a pun I’d avoided this whole review) is solid. It’s just too bad that the frame supporting it isn’t.”

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ReCore – Review Roundup

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