This insane high-end gamepad will change the way you play


While many PC gamers laud the accuracy and control of a mouse-and-keyboard setup, some games are far more suited to gamepad controllers, such as racing or couch co-op games.

Gamers seeking high-end peripherals to augment their experience need look no further than the Grifta for the ultimate gamepad solution.

Combining modular design with unique features, the Grifta allows gamers to experience a previously unprecedented level of control.

Modular Gamepad

The Grifta is essentially a modular controller that solves every possible gaming control requirement, from couch PC gaming to VR motion controllers.

The gamepad consists of three components, a left-hand unit, right-hand unit, and a connector. These parts fit together to form an ergonomic and unique game controller.

The Grifta is aimed at high-end gamers, offering endless control combinations and enhanced features such as mechanical key switches and support for various controller combinations, including a mouse and single unit control scheme.

To find out more about the Grifta’s large amount of features, watch the product’s Kickstarter video below:

Virtual Reality

The Grifta gamepad has a number of optional addons and modifications, the most interesting of which is the Antler IR tracking module.

This simple attachment has three Infared LED lights, which allow the controller unit to be accurately tracked once attached, turning the two controller halves into the equivalent of HTC Vive controllers.

The Antlers use the same technology as the Oculus Rift’s head tracking, meaning that low-latency feedback is prioritised along with accuracy.

grifta antler

Release and pricing

The Grifta began as a Kickstarter project back in February 2015, and is only now nearing its launch date.

There have been a number of development hiccups and design changes, all of which can be found on the device’s Kickstarter page.

Although the Kickstarter backing window has long since expired, interested gamers can pre-order the Grifta from the official website for £165.

grifta 3

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This insane high-end gamepad will change the way you play

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