Destiny 2 is coming to PC and it will feel like a brand-new game

destiny 2

According to sources at Kotaku, Destiny 2 will be released on PC as well as consoles and will feel like a brand-new game compared to the original console MMO.

A NeoGaf leaker named shinobi602, who has consistently and reliably leaked game development information in the past, confirmed various reports that the game would be coming to PC, along with providing further information regarding the development of the game.

The game is being headed up by the lead developers who worked on The Taken King expansion for Destiny.

Below are a few things that Destiny 2 will reportedly change from the original game:

  • Framework overhaul and open common areas such as towns and outposts.
  • Major narrative changes.
  • Major engine changes – improved rendering.
  • New races and factions.

It is not surprising that the console MMO will finally be released on PC, following Microsoft’s drive to unify its platforms and the growing limitations of previous-generation consoles.

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Destiny 2 is coming to PC and it will feel like a brand-new game

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