Learn how to sword-fight like a Witcher


The Witcher 3 is a close contender for one of the best games of all time, balancing perfect world design with fluid and enjoyable gameplay.

A major part of that gameplay is its combat, which features Geralt of Rivia pirouetting while cutting down hordes of enemies and using advanced acrobatic techniques to evade attacks from grotesque monsters.

The fencing style used by Witchers such as Geralt, Lambert, Eskel, and Ciri is fluid and smooth. Although it doesn’t look very practical, it certainly is enthralling to watch.

The Witcher 3’s combat system is highly choreographed and meticulously constructed, resulting in consistent styles and techniques used across various situations.

Check out the cutscene below for an example of the unique fighting style employed by the monster hunters in The Witcher 3:

Witcher 3 Swordplay

Considering the massive popularity of The Witcher 3, it was only a matter of time before somebody attempted to recreate the unique combat style used by the game’s main characters.

Luckily for prospective sword fighters, that somebody is Alan Padziński, an experienced swordsman with years of experience under his belt.

The Sword’s Path is a YouTube channel dedicated to Padziński’s masterful swordplay where he recreates various fighting styles, most notably from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Padziński offers a number tutorials explaining how to successfully recreate the captivating and acrobatic fencing depicted in the game.

Check out his breakdown of one of the more popular Witcher 3 fencing techniques below:

Witcher Realism

While Padziński attempts to recreate the exact style and technique used by characters in The Witcher 3, he is also an accomplished swordsman who exhibits a comprehensive knowledge of fencing techniques.

In response to criticisms concerning the impracticality of his Witcher 3 fencing emulation, Padziński compared the highly-stylised and aesthetic-focused techniques of The Witcher 3 with real-world master swordplay practices.

Padziński explained that although most techniques used in The Witcher 3 are impractical, most can be adapted to be reasonably effective in real combat at the cost of visual appeal.

To check out more of Padziński’s sworplay, head over to The Sword’s Path.

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Learn how to sword-fight like a Witcher

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