South Africa won’t be getting Battlefield 1 servers – here’s why

MyGaming recently reported on the lack of local servers in the Battlefield 1 Beta.

Now it appears there won’t be local servers available for the actual game either, according to a recent report by MWEB GameZone.

This is because EA will not permit the third-party renting of any of its servers (internationally) instead opting purely for a personal rent-a-server program.

“According to an explanation on Battlefield 1, EA believes that they’ll accomplish the following by not using third-party hosts:

  • Secure the quality of the actual hardware.
  • Reach out to EA Support directly instead of third party support.
  • Customize various game play settings
  • Give everyone the same uniform experience.This likely means the same rule will apply to all of EA’s games going forward (including the upcoming Titanfall 2).”

EA will share more information regarding its Rent-a-Server program closer to the launch of Battlefield 1.

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  • Ashley Barnard

    Thanks EA for putting the final Nail in the coffin.
    Now i will gladly wait till you release your platinum edition for R800 for everything that buy into this trap.

  • Tosh

    More money for CSGO skins i guess…

  • BalrogZA

    “Give everyone the same uniform experience.” – except you twits at the southern point of Africa, you get a much worse, laggier experience. Sorry for you….
    Suck a fat one, EA…

  • VirtualForce

    Requesting refund form GMG. Hope they allow it.

  • MaximusZA

    I am really bleak about it but i will not be getting BF1, with the price increase and lack of local servers i don’t think it will be worth it. Voting with my wallet but i have a feeling lack of Sales in SA will not impact EA in the slightest

  • perry94matthew

    can we complain to EA somewhere about this? i realise it won’t do anything, but they need to know this is a terrible idea

  • Kao kusanagi

    Pre-order cancelled ….thx EA

  • St3baS

    EA can get %$#ked

  • Michael

    I was a huge fan of BF3 and BF4, even spent the money on their premium packs, but one thing is for sure, EA will not be seeing my money or that of any friends / fellow gamers that I know. Way to go EA.

  • Viper_ZA

    EA & Dice can go f# themselves after this announcement. Won’t touch any of their future releases with a pole.

  • PieterSielie

    Are these guys for real?
    There will be no local servers? I already pre-ordered. I sincerely hope this is just something temporary, and someone can make a plan without like starting a huge petition to get EA’s attention. For pete sake all we want to do is play the game sub100 ping. This news tottaly sucks. So I should probably cancel that preorder, so bleak.

  • Marek Nourse

    You can request a refund

  • Jaco Liebenberg

    Wow so much salt. I for one had no problem the BF1 Beta, so this announcement makes no matter to me. The campaign alone will be worth the price I paid…

  • GeeManZA

    Pffff. I’m blasting fools on EU servers every day, with minimal issues. After a while, you automatically compensate for the latency. Stop crying. Git gud.

  • b1nd3r

    until you play on sa servers and get rekt as the 200 delayed response no longer saves you from ppl missing you

  • Qrox

    Cancelling order when I get home tonight. Was looking forward to the game but this was the last nail in the coffin.

  • DaBump

    NOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!!!!! Want to play this!!

  • Shadow1n

    They could have taken a long walk off a short pier when the prices were decided.

  • Marius Basson

    I’m glad I played the waiting game and held off buying a pre order when I heard rumors that there will be no SA servers.

  • Char Aznable~SIEG ZEON!~(-ω-)ゝ

    Ironically EA won’t even feel the lack of funds coming from this side of the world. Too much is being made in other parts of the world.

  • GeeManZA

    Luckily we don’t have to worry about that, since we’re excluded as a region LOL

  • Labey-Kun

    I guess I will wait for COD4 Remaster to come out as a standalone title and buy that while I enjoy CS:GO in the meantime.

  • Real Ist
  • Shane Barker

    Come on what u expect – nobody wants to invest in pity full South Africa anymore – our ping is just like our rand – just shoot in front of your enemies ??

  • Faux Grey

    This means nothing. All they’re stating is that we wont be able to rend through companies like gameservers, for all we know, ea will offer rental servers directly in SA.

  • Sgt.Romeo9

    It’s just gonna get worse and worse, but hey lets keep dragging our feet on that spectrum shall we, lets keep sleeping on unbundling that local loop and removing line prices.
    It’s the same reason LOL don’t wanna host servers here, why Microsoft refuse to launch Azure servers here etc…
    The world is not gonna take this sh#t because unlike us they don’t have to. We make up less than 1% off all digital orientated sales whether physical or digital. Also explains why big names don’t even bother hardware wise to support us e.g. Google, Steam etc…

  • Dennis Hearn

    SA is a sinking ship,,, slowly

  • EsEs

    This is the reply from origin help: “I have just checked and found that there is no official information we have regarding the servers yet”. So still hope

  • Smuroh

    LOL i love it when everyone in the comments says “Pre-Order canceled” it really just looks childish and silly and I bet they never per-ordered the game in the first place or if they did its not cancelled at all and we will be seeing them soon on the battlefield.

  • Smuroh

    To be honest we don’t need the local servers most of the games we play now dont have local server support anyway so its really funny to see all the complaints, The game runs smoothly and all those that love hating on it will be playing it anyway.

  • Jaco Liebenberg

    Today: “WHAT?! Screw EA, they are never getting my money again!!!”

    Launch day: “Hey who’s up for some BF1?”

  • TorreyRoyal

    It’s not even about that. I agree with you. US and EU players are awful and we trash them everyday even with lag, but still. We pay the same, if not more for the game than those overseas. It’s about time we got the same lag “free” experience don’t you think?

  • Kalashnik0v23

    Didn’t the same thing happen with Titanfall and other games? Maybe they should consider building local servers once off. Anyways I lost my trust in EA and Ubisoft ages ago. The only developers I trust are Naughty Dog and Rockstar. None of that half assed, buggy, over hyped, buy extra DLC/in app purchases, no local server, more expensive than other game bullshit

    FIFA 17 was R1150 at launch. R1150! Let that sink in for a second! And that’s not even for a premium edition, extra DLC and player cards. I don’t play FIFA anyways so this doesn’t bother me. And Triple-A GTA V and Uncharted 4 while still bloody ludicrous was R900 at launch.

  • Johan Lewis Last

    Oh noo!!!!!!. Oh wait, I only play EU servers for all my games….oops

  • Dominique Dos Santos

    I’m fine with it. The biggest thing with rent-a-server is every second clan wants their own server and after a while the game get’s flooded with empty servers. Also, some servers have like fast xp or faster vehicles which is sometimes fun but not how it was meant to be. Yes, it is a pity there isn’t any SA servers, but if we were to have sa servers we would need actual server’s in a server farm. which is more overheads for the company. Europe servers are fine for Sa players. I myself play mostly on Europe servers as most to practically all the SA servers are empty.

  • Andrew Shaw

    I was getting 90ms ping on the international servers during the beta, which is miles better than the 200+ ping I get on int Rainbow Six Siege servers…

  • Qrox

    Well I ordered a copy for myself and a friend. We were really looking forward to the game but there are some games I can play with some lag and others that I am not willing to. Battlefield falls under the category of not willing to play with lag.

    I cancelled both orders, cause whats the point of paying so much money for a game that I’m just going to get frustrated on because of lag.

    So yeah, there are some of us that actually do cancel our orders when we get deal breakers like this.

  • Smuroh

    What are you running a 1meg line? I played the BETA on a 2meg then on a 4meg line and it ran perfectly with no lag, So does that mean you stopped playing all the other MP games that don’t have local servers, that’s a lot of games your not playing.

    Not having local servers is not a deal breaker at all because all the MP games we play don’t have local servers any way. Hell even Titanfall ran perfectly on a 2meg line.

  • Smuroh

    Look i do understand where your coming from games are not cheap and its a worry to spend almost R1000 on a game only to get a bad experience, but I don’t see it happening with BF1, that’s just from my personal experience on the two lines i played it on.

  • Smuroh

    200 ping is actually not bad, and there is no real lag when on that, you will only notice it really when you hit over 300.

  • Qrox

    I have a 10mb line. The only FPS game I have that I play at the moment without local servers is Overwatch. On that I get about 200ms delay and even that annoys me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a shot that would have killed a player only to die myself. Then I watch the kill cam and the move I performed didn’t execute on the other side yet.

    Its just frustrating. With Overwatch I do try to compensate for it, but that isn’t they way we should be playing games. I’m used to local servers where the ping is between 20-40ms and it makes a huge difference.

    For a pin point accurate game like Battlefield I just can’t justify spending 800-1000 when we aren’t getting the same experience as they guys overseas when its totally possible to give us the same experience.

  • Smuroh

    I normally hit the 150 – 250 ping at the moment since i switched to LTE and i don’t need to compensate for anything, but i know what you mean when you need to really be careful on how much you spend on a game, But at least we can wait a bit to see what others say and then make a judgment, I have already pre-installed the game on my Xbox One so ill be glad to give some feed back on whether the lack of local servers is a problem or not.

  • Montego
  • Colin

    Just because EA is running the servers does not mean there wont be any local servers. Sounds like an assumption is being published, based on mweb’s assumption.

  • TheBiggPigg

    Mate 200 ping is very noticeable.

  • Smuroh

    Well on international servers we rarely hit below 200 and that is for every MP game we currently play, so it cant be that bad.

  • jay 1

    They are busy deploying servers as we speak. It will be available within the next week or so

  • jay 1

    Servers are almost ready, another week or 2

  • jay 1

    The servers are almost ready

  • Calvin Bredenkamp

    I can’t even get to play on my south African servers because it shows no one is on. What’s the chances.. every time I go on no one in African is playing [email protected]#kn battlefield 1. And I actually went and payed for this game when it was first released ,over a thousand rand for lag and walking thru walls and shooting Someone that didn’t see me first but ends up shooting me instead because I can’t find anyone on my south African servers???????????????????????????????

  • Calvin Bredenkamp

    What ever happened to the days when it was plug and play now I got tothe read thru all this bull after receiving error error error error

  • Calvin Bredenkamp

    Unfortunately it’s come to that… I get top 10 sometimes top 5 with 250 latency. But still could have been no1

  • Calvin Bredenkamp

    Ya and there still problems. You would think it would be ready to play the moment it gets sold to you

  • Jp Slabber (Trylion)


  • Jp Slabber (Trylion)

    Lets hope BFV will be sorted for us hey

South Africa won’t be getting Battlefield 1 servers – here’s why

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