Moments in gaming that played with our emotions

If gaming has taught me anything, its that it sometimes provides a better experience than some of the best Hollywood movies around.

Video games can toy with your emotions, and fill you with feelings that you try and avoid.

Regardless, we all have a soft spot for great set pieces, and all those sad deaths will always stay in our minds for years to come.

Here are some of the most emotional moments in gaming we will never forget.

*This article touches on various scenes in games which you might have not experienced yet. Spoilers follow below.*

I chose Rapture

Back in 2007 when Bioshock first released on PC and Xbox 360, the game set a standard for FPS titles for years to come. Set in an unworldly location under the sea, we knew we were in for quite the adventure while exploring Rapture.

The game needed a “big bang” opening to make sure that gamers were truly drawn in within the first 5 minutes of playing, and Irrational Games delivered just that.

We all remember entering the lighthouse, walking down the stairs, and Andrew Ryan giving us his iconic speech.

As we entered the submarine pod the shutters opened, and in tune with Andrew Ryan announcing his pride and joy, we floated over the rock to witness it in all its glory.

As we floated towards Rapture, we could not help but feel a sense of discovery and mystery. What is this city, and how does something so beautiful become so dark?

This opening sequence in Bioshock will stay in my heart forever, as it set the tone for not only the game, but the whole series for years to come.

Kratos and Zeus

After 5 titles in the series, God of War’s end was near, and we knew what was coming.

After three titles being the primary focus on the revenge of Kratos, the build up towards the finale was a gamble.

Santa Monica Studios had so much pressure on them to ensure that the last moments in the Kratos saga would pay off for all the time we spent in the series.

As we died and came back to life again after fighting through our own emotions, we charged towards Zeus.

As we approached him, a feeling of hatred filled us all. All this time we have been waiting to end him and make him pay for the injustice towards Kratos.

As we tapped the circle button over and over again to deal the final killing blow, we could not help but sense the redemption as we used his face as a punching bag.

Our hearts racing, and his life slowly slipping away from him.

A great ending to a journey filled with hatred.

Bayonetta kicks ass

For those of you who have played Bayonetta, you would know that the sexiest woman in gaming also has some of the best fashion sense.

During the opening sequence in Bayonetta 2, we see her going from her self proclaimed “Sunday best”, to being completely nude in seconds.

As the angels come and attack her, she lets them slowly snip away at her outfit until she has nothing left on her. Making some rather sexual sounds while they are at it, she then jumps towards the sun and dons her signature look.

This opening sequence was probably one of the sexiest moments in gaming in recent years.

Bayonetta has so much sex appeal, and this scene in particular, could not have been a better re-introduction to her as we all felt either extremely intimidated by her, or would want to leave our partners to be with her.

Airport shootout

One of the most controversial scenes in recent history has to be the traumatic mission in Modern Warfare 2. Taking place in an airport, you go undercover as a terrorist and open fire on hundreds of innocent civilians.

As you walk through the airport, you just kill without any remorse whatsoever. The scene was so emotionally scarring that gamers could choose to skip it if they wanted to.

I remember playing it as a child, and fear just set in as it played out.

The scene will forever remain one of the most frightening in gaming for years to come.

Missing child

Those who do not have little kids around them, will not know the fear of one going missing, and in Heavy Rain, Jason’s death is one of the biggest fears of parents and guardians.

As you walk through the mall during the opening sequence in the game, Jason, your older child goes missing. As you frantically search for him, fear starts to set in as he is nowhere to be found.

The search continues to the outer mall area, where you see him crossing the road.

Needless to say, Jason is hit by a car and dies.

The feeling of loss is biggest emotional climax here, as the scene builds up and we all start to fear the worst. We know what is about to happen, but try and ignore it.

Burn Joker burn

The opening of Batman Arkham Knight will forever be remembered for its clever use of soundtrack, and its farewell to our favorite villain.

The events of Batman Arkham City are still fresh in our minds. The Joker is dead, and all we were hoping for was that it was not real.

However, this is confirmed during the opening in Arkham Knight, as we set fire to the Joker as Batman and watch him slowly burn away as we cremate the lunatic’s body.

Frank Sinatra’s “Under my Skin” played during this scene, which is a clear indication that even though the Joker is dead, he is still very much alive in our minds.

Hijack a plane with a plane

One of the most iconic missions in GTA V has to be the exhilarating mission that saw Trevor hijack a plane, in order to fly it into a plane, to hijack that plane, and then to end it off by driving out the plane in a 4×4.

The entire mission was one massive emotional roller coaster ride, as it felt like something from a James Bond film on crack.

Who better to take us on a ride like that other than old Trevor Phillips himself, who barely battered an eyelid while doing it all?

The GTA series has had some pretty awesome missions, but this one takes the cake for sure.

What other moments in gaming really gave you mixed feelings? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Moments in gaming that played with our emotions

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