You can use PlayStation VR with your PC and Xbox One


PlayStation VR has only recently been released, but curious gamers have already attempted to use the headset with hardware other than the PlayStation 4, reports GameSpot.

Plugging a PC into the PS VR Processor Unit results in the desktop appearing in the PS VR display.

The device only displays the video in Cinematic Mode, which projects the image from the connected device onto a large virtual screen.

This allows you to technically play Xbox One and PC games using the PS VR display, although you won’t be able to play dedicated VR titles.

Users have reportedly even connected the device to a Wii U, playing Splatoon on PlayStation VR using Cinematic Mode.

It is currently uncertain whether users will be able to get the full features of PS VR working on hardware other than the PS4.

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You can use PlayStation VR with your PC and Xbox One

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