Inside the dark and dangerous world of EVE Online


EVE Online is not like other online video games.

The game is an open-universe Massively Multiplayer Online space sandbox which sees thousands of players inhabiting a single server simultaneously.

The sandbox nature of EVE is different to other MMO games out there however, as players in EVE Online can do anything within the construct of the game, with no rules forbidding griefing, scamming, stealing, or PvP.

EVE’s true gameplay only becomes clear once you become involved in the complex player interaction, joining corporations, forming collectives, and engaging in everything from assistance to assassination.

This unrestricted player interaction and lack of rules means that EVE has become a dark and dangerous place, with a history full of scams, assassinations, bloody conflicts, and betrayal.

This is also why some of the best organic player-created stories come out of the complex universe of EVE Online.

In preparation for EVE Online going free-to-play next month, let’s take a look back at some of the darkest and most exciting moments of the game’s history.

Inside Job

Following the publication of a Cracked article titled Top Seven Dick Moves in Online Gaming, an EVE Online player named Non Erata became inspired to pull off a high-stakes heist of his own.

Still a newbie, Non Erata joined the relatively large Vanguard Fortress(VAF) corporation and began his training under various members of VAF, slowly gaining their trust and friendship.

For six months, he worked his way up the corporation’s chain of command, eventually training new corporation members, setting up large wormhole operations and gaining access to more corporation privileges.

Finally, Non Erata was made a Director of VAF and tasked with overseeing the corporation’s new wormhole operations.

After siphoning off small amounts of the corporation’s profit for himself, Non Erata’s six-month long preparation was complete and he was ready to pull off his heist.

By positioning various alts in Vanguard Fortress space and waiting until the CEO of the corporation logged out before stealing all the assets he could, Non Erata managed to make off with 600 billion ISK (EVE Online’s in-game currency), which is equivalent to about R180,000.

For more details on Non Erata’s massive heist, check out the EveNews24 article here.


House of Cards

The biggest scam in EVE Online history was pulled off by two characters named Eddie Lampert and Mordo Exuel.

This wasn’t an orchestrated inside job or delicate heist however, the two simply managed to create a massive Ponzi scheme.

The gamers offered other players a guaranteed 5% return on investment, prompting many players to invest with the assistance of numerous testimonials and previous payouts.

While almost 2 trillion ISK was invested in total, the fraudsters managed to make off with just over 1 trillion ISK (around R280,000), making their scheme the biggest scam ever pulled off in EVE Online’s history.


A Guiding Hand

In what is perhaps one of the most famous examples of betrayal in the EVE Online universe, an entire corporation of spies and assassins hatched a 10-month long plan that resulted in the death of a CEO and galaxy-wide theft.

A corporation called The Guiding Hand Social Club accepted a contract from an anonymous client which required the assassination of Mirial, CEO of the Ubiqua Seraph corporation, and the theft of her corporation’s assets.

The Guiding Hand Social immediately planted multiple agents within the Ubiqua Seraph corporation, with their spies occupying every level of the organisation by the time their plan was ready to be set into motion.

A Guiding Hand agent named Arenis Xemdal had become Mirial’s most trusted lieutenant in the space of the 10-month operation, and he influenced the CEO to take her most valuable ship, a Navy Apocalypse, out for a victory lap alongside his own Imperial Apocalypse.

At this point, Xemdal lead his CEO into an orchestrated Guiding Hand ambush, helping them to destroy her prized ship and her defenceless escape pod.

While the Guiding Hand Social Club retrieved the corpse of Mirial for proof that their contract was completed, various agents planted at Ubiqua Seraph’s outposts throughout the galaxy began stealing as many assets as they could.

In the end, Ubiqua Seraph was utterly eviscerated and the Guiding Hand had earned 30 billion ISK worth of assets from the operation, alongside the initial 1 billion ISK paid for the assassination of Mirial.


Featured image source: Niden via Reddit

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Inside the dark and dangerous world of EVE Online

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