Video game mechanics that we take for granted

We all know gaming is a way to escape from the real world, as we take on the role of a character or race through the world in our dream cars, but there are so many mechanics in games that make the experience unrealistic.

One cannot hold their breath for that long, or sprint for 30 minutes without stopping. One cannot carry 30 Kgs of equipment without breaking a sweat.

Although we all rely on these cool mechanics, they are actually impossible to live with in the real world.

I mean, who smashes their car on the highway a few dozen times and still arrives at their destination in one piece?

Here are a few game mechanics that  gaming would be much harder without.

Indestructible Cars

This has been a staple in gaming for years. You get in a car, and can smash it around, drive off cliffs, hell, even shoot it a few times, and it will still start and drive.

Many open world games have suffered from this feature, as we always know to go for the biggest 4×4 in the parking lot when escaping from the police.

If we need to get away in a blink, we find the sportiest car, jump in and ride for our lives. Sure, we might flip it over a few time and dent the roof, but the game will automatically flip it back onto its wheels for us to get back to business.

Watch Dogs 2 surprisingly has the most destructible cars I have seen in gaming. One hit to the bumper and it wold hang on one peg. Smash the side and the whole thing would dent in. Although it is still unrealistic, we are getting there.


Pause Button

Ever wish you could just pause life, well you can’t. In video games however, the pause button is a life saver.

When our phone rings, someone shouts for us from the other side of the house, or we just want to take a breather in a boss fight, we just hit the pause button and life freezes until we are ready.

The pause button is broken, as every game should not be able to freeze instantly.

Take Dark Souls for example, no getting away from that fight, just like there is no getting away from dodging that call you have been avoiding the whole day.

The pause button sometimes lets us alter our characters on the fly, an even worse mechanic that further pushes us away from realistic experiences.

One cannot quickly change their underwear while at the shopping center, so you should not be able to do it while in the middle of the wasteland fighting Radscorpions.


Health Rejuvenation

What would take us weeks to heal, takes a game a few seconds. We have taken a few shots to the spine, and we are walking okay, but our screen is red as we are not handling the damage well.

The best way to heal? Hide behind a box for a few seconds and our wound will heal themselves.

Although this feature is a life saver, it is hard to ignore just how unrealistic this all is. Sure it is the most ideal way to heal in a game, but it we really take this for granted.

We sometimes also need to use a medic pack that sees us stabbing our stomachs with a needle and injecting us with magical juju that refills our health.

The funniest is when we pull glass out of our arm, after being attacked by a bear. Yes, a bear with glass claws totally just stabbed us in the arm.


Infinite Sprint

The one thing we all wish we had, the stamina of a thousand horses. So many games might have the ability to sprint for a short amount of time, but then we get those that see us sprinting forever.

Cops are chasing? No worry, we will click in our L3 button and sprint away, through the alleys, over walls, to the other side of the country, without even breaking a sweat.

Then we have those games that don’t even have a sprint option *cough cough* Uncharted 4. So here you are in a hurry to run from one cover to the other, and old Nathan is taking his jolly time doing so.

It is a questionable mechanic that is both good and bad. Yes we need to sprint, but fatigue should always be considered.


Bottomless Bag

I carry a bag with me all the time, and sometimes I wish for a gaming bag where I can put everything into, even people sometimes, and carry them around.

A rocket launcher, a few rockets, some new swords, boots, and maybe a horse that we can spawn into the world instantly.

Yes, the bottomless bag is every RPG’s saving grace, but again we take it for granted, filling that thing up to the brim with 99x potions, every weapon we have found, and not once cleaning it out.

Imagine an RPG with limited bag space like we saw in The lLst of Us. That would change our tactics drastically.


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Video game mechanics that we take for granted

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