5 awesome games that released in 2016


With all the massive games releasing this season, it’s quite difficult for gamers out there to keep track of what’s releasing when and what’s worth picking up (for one reason or another).

We’ve rounded up 5 of the biggest titles worth checking out amongst the chaos:

Gears of War 4

Xbox One, PC

The Gears of War franchise returns with new characters, new enemies, a new mission, and a new developer on board, and manages to remind us exactly what made Gears so damn likeable in the first place.

It doesn’t diverge too far away from the cover-shooter formula that made the original trilogy a hit, but does introduce new gameplay twists thanks to some great environmental changes and snazzy guns that mix up the chainsawing carnage.

Gears 4 is also spectacular to look at, and is a shining flagship for the Xbox One at this point. This is as high-quality as a triple-A release comes, and it’s expansive multiplayer and Horde 3.0 modes give the Gears series legs that will outlast until the next outing.

Gears of War 4 screenshot

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration edition


Following the successful release on Xbox One earlier this year, Lara Croft’s most recent adventure makes its debut on the PS4, albeit with some enhanced features and new additions.

The base game itself is spectacular, expanding on the stellar 2013 reboot, which takes some pages out of Uncharted’s book, and to good effect.

The influence of crafting and survival has taken the experience to new heights, and the ever-evolving story of a young and ambitious Lara Croft is impossible to not be caught up in.

The 20 Year Celebration also features two previously-unreleased segments, Blood Ties, which takes place in Croft Manor, and Lara’s Nightmare, a zombie mode of sorts, which throws you into an onslaught of creatures as you try and survive.

For those who may own the Xbox One version, there’s not too much you’re missing out here, but for anyone who is yet to experience Rise of the Tomb Raider, it’s a must-play.

Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshot

PES 2017

PS4, Xbox One, PC

Whereas FIFA dominates the “casual” market, PES continues its meticulous approach to football with PES 2017. That isn’t a bash to the FIFA franchise at all, but where FIFA thrives in bells and whistles, PES more than makes up for it with tactical strategy and technical abilities.

Running on Konami’s Fox Engine (which powered Metal Gear Solid V), PES 2017 is visually impressive, with player likenesses and animations beginning to look frighteningly real.

As for the gameplay, PES 2017 is slower, more refined, and tighter than other entries into the franchise up until now, and what it achieves is a great sense of “feel” on the ball – something football games often overlook.

After some ups and downs in recent years, PES 2017 is arguably the best PES to date and will please long-time fans while also alluring newcomers to the series.

PES 2017 game


PS4, Xbox One, PC

WRC 6 enters the mud-splattered rally world to reclaim its crown from the superb Dirt series, but while WRC 6 is a great step forward for the franchise and can be good fun at times, the faults it contains mean that it doesn’t really put in a serious challenge to Dirt Rally for the console rallying crown.

Nonetheless, there’s enough enjoyment on offer to make it a decent alternative for those who are looking for something a bit less hardcore.

Outside of career mode, there are online-enabled challenges with real-world calendar entry cut-offs, which are always nice to have a stab at (even if the times at the top of the table are ridiculously fast, and an excellent online multiplayer mode.

WRC 6 screenshot

Dragon Quest Builders

Xbox One, PS Vita, PS3

Like a strange love-child of Minecraft and the Dragon Quest RPG series, Dragon Quest Builders is a spin-off of the long-running tradition RPG franchise.

In this particular tangent to the main series, players are tasked to collect, craft, and build their own little world, but of course, any Dragon Quest game requires some combat and light role-playing elements.

Gamers will have to scavenge for resources to build their own base, then having to defend it against monsters before fighting a bosses.

It’s a surprisingly engaging and entertaining affair, and while it may look like a children’s game, it definitely offers up more than enough for those looking for something  familiar, yet different.

Dragon Quest Builders

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5 awesome games that released in 2016

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