You can play Titanfall 2 for free this weekend

Titanfall 2 is having a free multiplayer trial this weekend, meaning anyone will be able to download the game and jump into the game’s full multiplayer offering.

The game has been met with positive reviews, although it has not enjoyed the same popularity as other shooters such as Call of Duty or Battlefield 1.

The free multiplayer trial will begin on 30 November for EA Access and Origin Access members, while the rest will have to wait until 2 December to try out the game.

The trial will allows PC, PS4, and Xbox One gamers to play for an unlimited amount of time until 4 December.

Titanfall 2 has a fully-fledged single player campaign in addition to its well-crafted multiplayer offering, and has been praised as a general improvement over the first game.

For more information on the Titanfall 2 free multiplayer weekend, check out the official announcement.

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You can play Titanfall 2 for free this weekend

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