The biggest gaming stories of 2016

Depending on how you feel, 2016 has been either the absolute worst year in recorded history or “just ok”.

The gaming world saw some massive stories in 2016 as well, with some of the biggest releases and news in recent years.

Check out some of the biggest, funniest, saddest, and coolest gaming stories of 2016 below:

Nvidia vs AMD

This year kicked off with a bang, with both Nvidia and AMD launching their new range of graphics cards.

While this in itself isn’t too surprising, it was how much more these new cards offered over their predecessors that really stood out.

The fact that a mid-range RX 480 or GTX 1060 could stand toe-to-toe with Nvidia’s flagship GTX 980 was massive news and a graphical leap we haven’t seen in some time.

More importantly, these cards saw the first steps towards playable 4K gaming and set a benchmark for 2017’s GPUs.


Going past the R1,000 mark

Not all of the news this year was good – especially when it came to the cost of our favourite hobby in South Africa.

While prices increased across the board (most notably in hardware), nowhere was South Africa’s poor-performing Rand more apparent than in the cost of retail games, which soared past the R1,000 mark.

This resulted in games becoming all but unaffordable for many South Africans, as many chose to wait for sales rather than pay full price.

Rand price increase money

Pro or Scorpio?

Arguably the biggest news this year was the announcement of a mid-console cycle refresh.

The Scorpio and Pro both promise 4K gaming in some form or another, but the big news here is how far consoles seemed to fall behind PCs this year.

The gap has never been greater and with new hardware from Nvidia and AMD still coming, this could point to a revised upgrade system for the console manufacturers.



It’s hard to cover everything that happened at this year’s E3, but it’s pretty safe to say that there was something for everyone.

Sony seemed to double-down on nostalgia and familiar franchises with the remake of Final Fantasy VII and God of War 4 being big draws.

Xbox meanwhile recognised that its ecosystem was its greatest asset as it began to release games for both PC and console as part of its Play Anywhere program.


Pokemon GO

Words cannot describe just how big Pokemon GO was over June/July 2016.

It seems everyone with a smartphone was out and about catching them all, spawning numerous stories of negligence, law-breaking, and silliness.

Then, just as quickly as it began, the fad died out as interest seemingly waned overnight.


No Man’s Lie

One of the most-hyped and ambitious titles of this generation – what could possibly go wrong.

As it turns out, the game failed to not only deliver on some of its biggest selling points but launched as a broken and buggy mess.

The backlash was severe, resulting in developers Hello Games going dark for months.

It’s only now, nearly 6 months after release that the team has begun patching and implementing new features into the game.

Eclipse No Mans Sky

The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is making a new console!

That’s pretty much all we know at this point, but the idea of a home/portable hybrid is certainly an intriguing one.

Following the Wii U and the enormous success of Pokemon GO, Nintendo feels like its about to cross a gaming rubicon that could determine its fortune as a manufacturer.

Should the Switch perform as well as the Wii or DS, the Big N will be around for a while longer, if not, the company could undergo some serious restructuring.


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The biggest gaming stories of 2016

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