12 Games of Christmas – Overwatch

Overwatch reaper

One of the games I found myself playing regularly this year is Overwatch.

Blizzard’s hero-based shooter is a great title for competitive play and delivers some of the most engaging multiplayer gameplay I’ve ever experienced.

Overwatch combines the best elements of MOBA and FPS gameplay, allowing gamers to pick different heroes with powerful abilities and engage other players in fast-paced FPS combat.

The characters are all beautifully animated and despite Blizzard’s lack of a singleplayer campaign or story, each hero feels unique and well-crafted.

However, a major problem for South African Overwatch fans is the lack of local servers for the game, meaning that playing at a competitive level becomes difficult and frustrating due to a ping of over 200ms.

Overwatch’s net code is well-optimised and can negate the effects of high latency to some effect, meaning that a high ping is usually not a problem for casual play.

Despite its various faults, Overwatch has become my new go-to multiplayer title, whether I’m jumping into Quick Play or Brawl with a few friends or climbing the ladder in Competitive Play.

Overwatch has been voted Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2016, and could be one of the most unique multiplayer titles ever made.

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12 Games of Christmas – Overwatch

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