12 Games of Christmas – Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 may be the best game of 2016.

That’s because more than anything it plays like the best parts of Modern Warfare  – a pedigree clearly carried over by developers Respawn.

From the on-foot gunplay to taking control of the hulking Titans, everything feels sharp and snappy – something that the Call of Duty franchise seems to have lost in recent years.

Running, jumping and boosting all feel incredibly natural and the result is you repeatedly feel like a badass. It helps that the level design is also excellent, with each new mission offering a unique mechanic that completely changes how the game is played.

The campaign’s actual story is trite and you spend half the game fetching stuff, but it still makes your Titan buddy one of the best sidekicks this year. You care about the game’s characters even though you spend so little time with them, and the villains are recognisable and intimidating –especially on the harder difficulties.

The result is a game that “wows” you every 20 minutes not just by showing you something cool (something the Call of Duty franchise has also been guilty of in recent years) but by letting you play out the cool parts.

The fact that the game reportedly sold quite poorly and has seen discounts of up to 50% off since release incredibly depressing. Titanfall 2 deserves a sequel and it is without doubt one of the 12 best games this year.

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12 Games of Christmas – Titanfall 2

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