12 Games of Christmas – FIFA 17

I have a serious love/hate relationship with the FIFA franchise.

It’s the only game that makes me angry when I play, as its numerous flaws come to the foreground the more you play it.

But like an abusive relationship, it’s the game I’ve undoubtedly put the most time into in 2017 with over 6 days played since the game’s September release.

Even worse, the majority of that time has been spent in the game’s Ultimate Team mode as I constantly struggle to place in the top divisions.

Building the best possible team, figuring out chemistry, and battling it out against a wily opponent is one of the best experiences in gaming.

EA has also continuously added more to do with the Squad Building Challenges and Weekend League being highlights.

Elsewhere the game’s single-player “The Journey” mode provided a fun distraction and the soundtrack is particularly slid this year.

But the main attraction is (and will be for the foreseeable future), the incredible Ultimate Team mode.

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12 Games of Christmas – FIFA 17

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